08 Mar

Top 5 New iPhone Apps 2015

Check out Top 5 New iPhone Apps 2015:

1) Wikiwand

This new Wikipedia client is an amazing app that makes it more easy to navigate and search wikipedia website. The design emphasizes photos and makes even the longest and densest articles easy to get through.

Free, iOS


2) Camu

The best filter application on iOS right now. Some of the filters are even good than instagram. And it also doesn’t cut your photos like instagram. You can add filters in the videos too.

Free, iOS

3) ‘uHealth’
uHealth uses eye-tracking technology to try to help you improve focus and concentration (the thought process behind this is that concentration can be tracked by detecting small eye movements).

Free, iOS

4) FitStar Yoga
FitStar expanded its fitness-app lineup with FitStar Yoga, which brings the company’s personal-trainer approach to yoga. Choose your experience level and workout intensity, and the app guides you through a series of yoga poses with detailed videos to walk you through each step.

Free, iOS

5) Humin
Humin is an amazing application that aims to reinvent your address book by reorganizing your contacts list. Do check this out.

Free, iOS

19 Feb

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro – Best Data Recovery Software(Review)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is one of the best data recovery software that is available in the market today. It can fully recover your data such as photos, videos, documents, etc. which you have lost due to formatting, deleting, partition loss, etc. I have personally tried many data recovery software in the past but found EaseUS Wizard professional as one of the best as it is very simple to use and does its work perfectly.

Why do we need Data Recovery Software?

We make lots of mistakes while working on computer and other devices. And some of these mistakes include deleting files from recycle bin or formatting the disk or lost partition, etc. We also face issues such as system crash, virus attack, etc.
All these issues led to loss of important data. That’s why, to recover that lost data, we need Data recovery software. There are thousands of such software available in the market but half of them won’t do the work.
And that’s where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro comes in to solve your problem.

How Does it Work?

1) First download the trial version of EaseUS Data recovery wizard from its official website. Click on setup and follow the instructions to install the software.

2) Now Choose the data recovery mode.

Data Recovery

It has three recovery modes:

a) Deleted File Recovery

It helps you to recover files which you lost due to emptying Recycle Bin.

b) Complete recovery

It helps you to recover files which you lost due to accidental format,

c) Partition recovery

It helps you to recover files you lost due to repartition, boot manager, etc.

3) Next step is to search, scan and recover the lost data. As simple as that.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional supports Data recovery from PC/Laptop, exteral disk, USB, memory card recovery, SD card, etc. It supports both windows and mac operating system.
It fully recovers all types of files such as photos, documents, videos, email and much more.

So overall, I am fully satisfied with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro software. You can also give it a try by downloading the free trial version first. You can recover all files up to 1 GB in the trial version but if you want to use it more frequently and professionally, purchase the pro version for only only $69.95 right now.

04 Dec

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker – Hands On Review

If you are looking for audio enhancement for your smartphone or laptops, then XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker is the perfect option to go with.

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker is the perfect audio enhancement for any music or video player. It provides unmatched sound quality supported by in-built high capacity rechargeable battery capable of sustained output for 11 hours of nonstop audio pleasure.

You can check out more such awesome accessories for your devices on mobilefun.com. I have been literally using this speaker continuously since the time I got this and I am quite impressed with this.

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker

Let’s check out more features of these speakers:

A) Compatibility and Connectivity:

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker is compatible and easily connectable with all Bluetooth devices such as smartphone, tablets, laptops, etc. and if your smart device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can also connect these speakers using Line in cable.

B) Quality of the Sound:

XMI X-Mini II Speakers are equipped with the new 40mm driver that provides an amazing richer and superior end-user experience from its innovative capsule design.

C) Battery Backup:

It comes with amazing battery backup. A single charge lasts 11 hours of continuous playback, so you can enjoy non-stop music.

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker

D) “Daisy Chain” capacity:

The best and unique thing about X-Mini II speaker is that it has a “Buddy Jack” system, which allows you to connect one X-Mini II to another and another and another etc to form an almost never-ending “Daisy Chain”. This Daisy Chain creates a self-powered bass-enhanced portable speaker system for your room.

E) Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 60 x 40mm
Weight: 83g
Speaker: Magnetically shielded 40mm
Loudspeaker output: 2.5W
Frequency response: 100Hz – 20kHz
Playback time: Up to 11 hours
Battery capacity: 400mAh

So, to conclude it, XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker is one of the finest speakers you will find in the market. It serves the purpose for all your smartphones, laptops or even tablets. And with a price of $23.49 only, it is definitely a grand bargain. Buy it here on www.mobilefun.co.uk.

04 Nov

Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset – Hands On Review

If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth headset at a no-nonsense price, then Jabra EASYGO is the perfect option for you. It gives you all the extraordinary benefits of hands-free conversation with great sound and hassle free use.

Thanks to www.mobilefun.com for giving us this product to review. You can check out more bluetooth products for Nokia, Samsung, Apple, etc. here.

Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this product:

A) What’s in the box:

-Jabra EASYGO headset
-AC charger
-2 size earhooks
-2 ultimate comfort eargels
-Quick start manual

B) High Quality Sound:

Jabra EASYGO features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that ensures crystal clear audio on every call. It provides noise and echo reduction as well as automatic volume adjustments.

C) Hassle Free & Easy to Use:

Jabra EASYGO features Voice Guidance feature that provides audio updates announcing “Connected” and “Low Battery” status levels. It also has a designated on/off slider on the back of the headset for easy navigation.

D) Compatibility:

Jabra EASYGO can be connected to any mobile device that supports bluetooth. It also has a Multipoint that allows it to be Connected to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

E) Extra Comfort:

Jabra EASYGO features a unique shape to accommodate varying ear sizes and provide all-day comfort, and an improved ear hook that is easier to put on and shaped to fit securely

F) Specifications:
Bluetooth compliance: 2.1 +EDR specification
Operating range: 10 metres (33 feet)
Paired devices: Up to 8 devices, one or two at a time
Talk time: Up to 6 hours
Standby time: Up to 8 days
Charging time: Approximately 2 hours
Auto-pairing for no-nonsense setup
Audio status updates via Voice Guidance
Pairing passkey: 0000

So, Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset is an amazing product with extraordinary features and low price. You can buy Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset here.

17 Sep

Six Ways Blogs Have Changed the way Businesses Market Online

Online marketing has been a successful way for businesses to get new customers since the internet became popular, but over the years it has changed a great deal. If you haven’t been marketing online for a while and still don’t have a blog, then you should really look into it. We are going to cover how blogs have changed the way marketing is done online and how it can help your business.


Targeted Traffic

One thing that has always been a goal in marketing is to find people who would actually be interested in the products or services that are being offered. Blogging is a way to help you achieve this goal by providing relevant content to your target audience. The people that are attracted to your content will also most likely be interested in the similar services that you are providing.

It is never a good idea to steer away from your niche because if your audience is interested in a particular topic, they will start to get uninterested in the other topics you are writing about. It might be ok to write about a different topic that can be relevant or integrated in your niche, but you should never write about something completely different. In the end your audience will let you know what they like and what they thing you should change.

More Value

Blogs offer value to customers even before the customers know what your business offers. In the past, most marketing techniques would start out by letting the customers know what they are offering, now they provide quality content that gets the reader interested and then offers them a relevant product. It is a much better practice that keeps viewers engaged with the blog while being exposed to your products and/ or services.

More Visible

The internet is massive, and almost everyone in the world has access. Getting a blog popular within your particular niche might take some time, but once it does, you will have an incredible reach that could attract an unlimited amount of potential sales. You technically do not have any limitations on how big your blog can get, giving you more visibility to promote, brand, and interact.

More Interactions

Old marketing campaigns didn’t really have much direct contact with customers. They might have had them fill out surveys or something similar but really, they didn’t give 1 on 1 interactions. With blogs, you will have the chance to communicate directly with your customers and potential customers. They will give you more insight on how to make your blog and business better and you will also have an easier time converting them to becoming customers.

While you might not want to directly interact with your online customers, it is important not to let a comment or message go unanswered. If future readers see that you don’t give your audience the time, then they will get a bad impression and might not trust doing business with you.

More Potential Sales

With each interaction, new viewer, and new post, you have a chance to get more sales. You have to realize the true potential of every action that you take on your blog. Everything you do can result in more traffic and sales. Although not everyone that interacts with the blog will give you money, they can still be converted to customers in the future. Especially in the beginning when your blog is still establishing its authority within the niche. If you keep posting quality content on a regular basis, speaking to your readers, and improving your overall authority, you will start to see more and more people purchase from you.

Faster Response Rates

With older marketing techniques, people would take their time to respond and doing business in general was just more time consuming. With blogs, people have a place to go to directly contact your company and get a fast response. When someone leaves a comment or a message to a blog, they will usually keep an eye out for a response as soon as possible, increasing the overall response rates.

There are plenty of reasons why blogging is such a great marketing tool for today’s businesses, so if you are still not convinced to get one, keep on researching!

This guest post is by Jo of make-a-web-site.com.

16 Sep

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank – Hands On Review

One of the biggest issues with the smartphones these days is the battery backup. With the heavy usage of mobile devices, the battery hardly supports all the activity throughout the day.

But with Mini Bluetooth Keyboard, now you can charge all your mobile devices on the go whilst typing on your device with the Bluetooth Keyboard.

Thanks to www.mobilefun.com for giving us this product to review. You can check out more Apple iPad Mini Keyboards here.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this product:

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank (2)

A) Massive 5000 mAh battery:

The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a in-built massive 5000 mAh battery to give extra power to your smartphones and tablets. A normal smartphone like Apple has only 1440 mAh battery, so you can imagine what magic a ‘5000 mAh battery’ can do to charge your mobile devices during emergency.
The Bluetooth Keyboard is chargeable with Mini-USB cable that comes in the box.

B) Compatibility:

The Keyboard charger is compatible with all the mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that support USB charging.

C) Slim and lightweight design:

The Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Charge weighs only 135g and strands at 17mm thick. So, it can be easily put into your pocket or bag.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with 5000mAh Power Bank

D) Ultra-portable full-QWERTY keyboard:

This Bluetooth keyboard is a full fledged Ultra-portable QWERTY keyboard. It also has range of multimedia controls to make watching movies and listening to music on your devices simple and enriching. As it is also being compatible with larger devices, it is possible to control your laptop or PC from a distance.


Bluetooth v3.0 connection
FN lock change function
Built-in On/Off button
Built-in rechargeable 5,000mAh Lithium battery
Charge all 5V electronic devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, cameras, MP3/MP4/MP5, GPS, etc
Dimension: 130 x 65 x 17mm (approx.)
Weight: 135g

So, Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is an amazing product with a massive 5000 mAh battery and Bluetooth keyboard capabilities that allows you to charge all your device whilst typing on your device. You can buy Mini Bluetooth Keyboard here.

01 Sep

How A Small Business Can Stay Away From Social Media Backlash

Social media has empowered consumers to dissect brands at warp speed. Taco Bell faced the wrath of unhappy consumers due to a Facebook post mistake, while the McDonalds McStories campaign ended in disaster.
As most of the social media space is uncontrolled and everything is happening in real time, small business owners should be careful when utilizing the platform for branding and outreach.

Tips for small business owners to prevent social media backlash:

1. Manage your visual reputation

Consumers connect more quickly to visual images than they do text content. You should keep an eye on the images of your product and services floating around the web. Your competitors can easily create images that defame your brand and if they surface on social media, it can be impossible for you to stop the damage due to the platform’s viral nature.
The Apple and Samsung image battle is a prime example of image defamation. Samsung took away a lot of iPhone consumers when Maps failed in Australia. Initially the photo in favor of Galaxy S3 surfaced on the streets, but it took no time in reaching social networking, damaging Apple’s reputation.
You also have the option of an ORM company. However, make sure that you choose an appropriate one because Brand.com reviews show most ORM companies are lacking in some key areas. Companies to avoid are the ones that think online reputation management is all about controlling the first page of search engine results or ensuring privacy protection on Facebook, while paying little or no attention to suppressing unwanted images.


2. Stay on top of what consumers are saying

Social media blacklash and delayed response are closely tied. Negative comments on social media networks about brands and businesses can spread at a rapid pace, especially if it’s by someone who’s an influencer or has a large number of followers.
Even a small evening lag in responding to an unhappy customer can prove to be catastrophic. Therefore, it’s important that you stay on stop of what consumers are saying by defining a clear response time strategy with your social media team. A report from Oracle reveals that consumers expect response time is within 2 hours, so that can serve as an ideal benchmark window.
Even if something goes wrong, you can be prepared for a strategic reply. Whoever deals with your social media pages (including you) should try to make the response conversational. For example, instead of saying, ‘we’re sorry for the bad meal today, the issue will be escalation to our operations’, say ‘your issue is being looked into right now and you’ll be compensated within 2 hours’.

3. Make your contact information easily available

A trend that has been seen in recent times is that consumers resort to social media if they can’t reach a company directly with their complaints and questions. You can prevent a lot of negative social media press by making your business contact information easily available.
Allow comments, highlight your email and customer service number and even encourage live chat on your company website. Doing so can ensure that negative issues stay between you and the consumer, and doesn’t reach the masses on social media.
Though you may not be able to control social media negativity every time, the tips will help you to ensure things don’t get out of hand.

What steps do you follow to avoid social media backlash? Feel free to leave comments.

26 Aug

Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker – Hands On Review

If you’re looking to boost the sound of your smartphone wirelessly, then Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to play your music through these speakers wirelessly(without Bluetooth) via your Smartphone.
All you need to do is just place your phone on top of the speakers and the speakers will pump out the sound.
Thanks to www.mobilefun.com to give us this product to review. You can buy more accessories for your devices such as Nokia Lumia here.

Let’s take a look at the some of the amazing features of this product:

A) Induction technology:

The Sonivo speaker uses innovative Induction technology to pump put the music. There is no need for Bluetooth, WiFi, cables or even NFC enabled Smartphones to play on Sonivo Speakers. Just place your device onto Sonivo Speaker, play the music on your Smartphone, and you will hear amazing sound experience.

Sonivo Induction Speakers

B) Built in rechargeable battery:

The Sonvio easy speaker comes with a built in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to worry about buying new batteries. You can easily recharge it with mini-USB charging cable that comes in the box.

C) Compatibility:

The Touch Speaker is compatible with almost all the Smartphones using inbuilt mobile speaker including most iOS devices and Android devices.

Sonivo Induction Speakers

D) Optional 3.5mm jack:

The Sonivo Speakers also comes with optional 3.5mm jack connection to play with other devices such as laptop or tablets.

E) Sound & Design:

The Sonivo Speaker is lightweight and comes with a black case to protect it. But just because its portable doesn’t mean it lacks in power, with dual speakers the Sonivo Speaker will handle all varieties of music whether enjoy in your house or relaxing outside.

So, Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker brings you a new and innovative way to listen to your music via smartphone or laptop. You can buy Sonivo Universal Induction Speaker here.

10 Aug

Gripmount Universal Car Charger Mount Kit – Hands On Review

Gripmount Universal Car Charger Mount Kit is a perfect phone accessories kit designed to meet all your basic needs of the car with the Universal USB Charger, Car Charger adapter and adjustable mobile car holder.

It provides Multi-charging USB cable that supports almost all the smart phones that are available in the market today. You can buy more such car holders kit at mobilefun.
Let’s take a look at the some of the amazing features of this product:

A) What’s in the Package:

Gripmount Kit

1 x GripMount Universal Case Compatible Car Holder
1 x Miniature 1 Amp USB Car Charger Adapter
1 x The OneCable Sync and Charge Cable

B) Universal Case Compatible Car Holder: It includes a universal mobile case car holder which is compatible with all the mobile phones regardless of its size. The GripMount allows you to safely mount your mobile phone in different locations in your car such as dash, windscreen or near the steering wheel.
The mobile device can be easily inserted or removed from the holder within seconds. It is ideal for using your smartphone as a GPS device or for hands free calls.

Gripmount Charging Kit

C) Mutli-Charging USB Cable: This is the only USB charging cable you need for your car. The OneCable(Mutil-Charging USB Cable) features in-built Apple 30 pin, MiniUSB and MicroUSB connectors which are designed to charge any device which supports these conenctions.
And not just your car, you can use this USB cable on your computer devices too to charge your mobile phones.

Gripmount Charging Kit

Gripmount Charging Kit

D) Miniature USB Car Charger Adapter: And to complete this very useful kit, it also contains miniature USB Car 1 Amp charger Adapter to support the Multi-Charging USB cable that comes with it. The design of the adapter is compact and provides very fast charges to your mobile devices.

So to sum up, this is one of the most useful Car Charger Kit I have come across at such a bargain price. You can buy it at Mobilefun for $22.99 only.

28 Jul

SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Hands On Review

If you are looking for inexpensive and high quality Bluetooth Stereo Headset, then SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset can be a good choice.

The SD10 SoundWear Bluetooth Stereo Headset combines stylish design and modern technology designed for an active lifestyle. You can check out more phone accessories at mobilefun.

SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Let’t check out more features about this product:

A) Design and Quality: The design of the SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is excellent and will suits all your attires. The SD10 headset is black in color and can be easily adjusted on the ears from the back of the head.

B) Quality of Sound: The SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth headset has a signal to noise ratio of 95dB. It provides a frequency response of 18Hz to 22KHz. So, you can enjoy music and phone conversations with crystal clear sound with rich bass.

C) Battery Backup: The built-in 400mAh Li-Polymer battery allows upto 20 hours of music and talktime with just one charge. It also allows a standby time of up to 400 hours. Charging is only allowed from the included micro USB charge cable.

D) Compatibility and Controls: The SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is compatible with all the Bluetooth 2.0 enabled devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more. It is also very easy to use. Once paired with any Bluetooth device, you can manage all the playback functions from the Speaker cup itself, allowing you to play/pause, flick through your favorite songs as well as adjusting the volume.

E) Specifications:

• Playback functions: Play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up and down
• Battery: Built-in 400mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable
• Standby time: 400 hours
• Talk/music time: 20 hours
• Radio performance: Bluetooth 2.0, Up to 10 metres

So, to conclude it, SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a great value for money. You can buy it here.

19 Jun

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Hands On Review

If you are looking for compact speakers to complement your smartphone or laptop, then Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the perfect option for you.

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a Ultra Small and portable speaker with big stereo sound that you can connect with any device using Bluetooth or 3.5 mm Line in Cable. First, I would like to thank www.mobilefun.co.uk for providing the Vevo Speaker for review. You can check out more such awesome accessories for mobile phones on mobilefun.com. I have been literally using this speaker continuously since the time I got this and I am quite impressed with this.

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (1)

A) What’s in the Package:

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker comes in the small compact box as shown in the picture. This small box contains Vevo 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Mini USB Charging Cable to charge your speakers, Line in Cable to connect the speakers with devices which don’t support bluetooth and carry sock to take the speaker easily wherever you go.

B) Compatibility and Connectivity:

Vevo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is easily connectable with all Bluetooth devices such as smartphone, tablets, etc. and if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can also connect it using Line in cable.
The speaker also supports MicroSD slot to play music direct from source if you don’t have any device.

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (3)

It paired with my Apple iPhone 4 within seconds. Just use the password “0000” or “1234” to pair with your device. I also connected it with my laptop using Line in cable which was also pretty easy.

C) Controls and Build Quality:

Veho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker comes with two 2.2 Watt speakers inside of it to give you better and louder sound. The build quality is just amazing as you feel you are holding something really solid in your hands. The design is also really beautiful and pleasure to the eyes.

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (5)

The controls of Vevo Wireless Speaker is located on the top and the bottom of it. On the top of it, it has power button, volume and track controls. On the bottom of it, you can switch between Bluetooth or Line in cable mode. There is also a reset button in case it hangs or something.

C) Quality of the Sound:

I am really impressed with the sound quality of these speakers. The loudness and clarity of the speakers is just phenomenal. It can easily replace your small computer speakers and can give an amazing experience of listening to music on these speakers. One thing I can assure is that sound quality will completely blow you away.

Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (4)

D) Battery Backup:

Vevo Wireless Speaker comes with 600mAh Li-on rechargeable battery that allows playback of more than 6 hours on Line in Cable and around 4-5 hours on Bluetooth. To charge the battery, just simply connect the Mini USB charging cable and your speaker will be back to full charge in 2 hours.

E) Specifications:

Speaker Output: 2 x 2.2 watt
Battery: 600 mAh Li-on Rechargeable
Battery Charge Time First charge 4 hours, 2 hours thereafter
Play Time (Bluetooth) Up to 5 hours
Play Time (microSD) Up to 8 hours
Play Time (line in) Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth Range Up to 10 metres
Bluetooth Support A2DP, AVRCP
Max. microSD Card Capacity 16 GB microSD/microSDHC card
File Format (for music files) MP3, WMV

So, to conclude it, Vevo 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is one of the finest speakers you will find in the market. It serves the purpose for all your smartphones, laptops or even MicroSD card. And with a price of Rs. ₹ 1787.99 only, it is definitely a grand bargain. Buy it here on www.mobilefun.co.uk.