25 Jan

10 Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks



Facebook is the number one social network in the world with more than 800 million users. There are lot of cool apps available for Facebook to make the best use out of it.
Here are Top 10 Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks:

1) How To Download Facebook Photo Albums:

Pick&Zip is an free online software that will allow you to backup and download photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file. You can download your own albums or your friends’ albums.


You can also try programs like http://fotobounce.com/download/ and photograbber to download facebook albums.


2) How to Schedule Your Statuses:

http://laterbro.com/ is a free service that lets you to pre-schedule your facebook and twitter updates.


You can also try Sendible for that.

3) How To Remove Facebook Advertisements :

If you really want to remove the ads, then you have many choices. For firefox and chrome , you can install “adblock plus” extionsion at http://www.adblockplus.org . And if you are IE user, you can choose “Adblock Pro 1.4” at http://www.adblockpro.com .
Apart from this, you can also use Greasemonkey script – Facebook: Cleaner that removes many of the annoying ads on your Facebook pages.

4) Update your Facebook events to Google Calendar:

To do this, you can use this Greasemonkey Script – Facebook to Google Calendar.

5) Export the Emails of your Facebook friends as .csv list:

To do this, visit address.yahoo.com and follow the instructions shown in this video.


6) How to Use facebook Chat Emoticons:

You can try lot of facebook new emoticons.

facebook emoticons

7) How to automatically poke friends that Poke you:

For that, you can use this Greasemonkey script- Facebook AutoPoke.

8 ) Change the Color of the Facebook Proifile:

Use Auto-Colorize Greasemoneky script to change the color of your facebook profile page.

9) How to check status updates from around the world:

Openbook is Created by three USA web developers which aggregates the status updates of everyone whose privacy levels are set to “everyone.”

You can narrow your searchable results down by gender & keywords to find out what people are saying about a certain topic. Do give a try to this site.

10) How to find out who has removed you from their friend list:

Read this post: Unfriend Finder – Find who has removed you on Facebook

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