28 Sep

Facebook to form a Political Action Committee


The most popular social networking site Facebook said that it is forming a political action committee (PAC) for its employees to help them make financial contribution to political party candidates.

facebook political action committee

Meanwhile, Facebook has filed a formal paperwork to constitute a PACs with the Federal Election committee.

In USa, many companies have established its PAC which allow them to contribute $ 5000 to a candidate/election & up to $ 15,000 annually to a national party committee.

“FaceBook PAC will give our employees a way to make their voice heard in the political process by supporting candidates who share our goals of promoting the value of innovation to our economy while giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,”

Facebook spokesman said.

Source: OneIndia

28 Sep

BSNL Launched its ‘Mobile Apps Store’


BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), one of India’s leading Telecommunication Companies has launched its Apps Store called “BSNL Apps Store” for its 2g and 3G users across the country.

bsnl mobile apps store

The “BSNL Apps Store” is developed by Accenture and will have upto 1,00,000 applications. Around 80% of the applications are fee based and only 20% applications are free to the BSNL users. Applications include sections like Social Networking, games, Health & Fitness, Business, Education, etc.

BSNL mobile subscribers can access the “BSNL Apps Store” through the BSNL Live Wap Portal which already provides services like Movies on demand, Videos on Demand, Hello TV. etc.

September has been declared as a free apps month, during which, BSNL offered the Top 20 popular applications, free of cost.

Click here to know more about BSNL Apps Store.

27 Sep

Pakistan Supreme Court Website hacked


A hacker using the nickname “Zombie_Ksa” hacked the website of Pakistan Supreme Court and claimed that the website is in the “wrong and untalented hands”.

pakistan flag

The unidentified hacker asked the SC Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to ban all the pornographic websites & do something to help the poor & hungry people.

The website was hacked just to convey message to the SC Chief Justice.

This is not the first instance. The Supreme Court website has been hacked in the past too.


24 Sep

Google Doodle celebrates Muppets Creator Jim Henson 75th birthday


Google celebrates the 75th birthday of Jim Henson, the famous puppeteer & creator of The Muppets with its new and fresh Google Doodle.

google doodle muppets

The new Doodle has been developed by not just Google but in collaboration with The Jim Henson company & The Creature Shop using the Henson Digital Puppet Studio.
The selected Muppet moves with the cursor and it’s quite fun to play with.

jim henson

Click here to check out the new Doodle which will be available only for the next 36 hours.

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23 Sep

Youtube to launch 3D Videos soon


The most popular video sharing site- YouTube announced that they are soon going to introduce 3-D video option for the users. The option will convert the videos uploaded by the users into 3-D.
But, to see the converted videos, users will need 3D glasses.


The site will provide an option ‘Edit Info’ button in which the user will be able to select the option ‘3-D video’ to convert their already uploaded 2D videos into 3D.

Right now, YouTube has been experimenting on the 3-D settings & how to make it successful all over the world.

In 2009 also, YouTube software engineer Peter Bradshaw made an announcement to introduce 3-D option but it could not be launched due to some technical difficulties.

23 Sep

Enable the Facebook New Profile “Timeline” – Step by Step Process

facebook timeline

As promised to roll out a major redesign of the user profiles, Facebook has finally launched “Timeline” – Tell your life story with a new kind of profile.
Though the new profile will be roll out officially to all the users in a few days but you can enable it today only in the developer section by following the steps given below:

– Go the Developer Section: https://developers.facebook.com/apps

enable timeline

Click on “Allow” here.

facebook timeline

Click on ” + Create New App”


Give it any Name & namespace but make sure it is available.
Click the checkbox “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” And click Continue and then pass the security check.
[ You need to register your phone number in order to start in the Developers’ Section ]

facebook open graph

Now, on the left hand side of the next page, you will find “Open Graph”. Click on it.

facebook new app

Now on this screen, fill in anything in the fields ” People can —— a ——” [ It doesn’t matter ] And Click Get Started.

6) Now On the next screen, do nothing except scroll down to the bottom & click “Save Changes and Next.” Do the same thing on the next two pages also.

enable facebook timeline

Now you will be taken to this screen. Wait a few minutes [ at least 2-3 minutes], & then go to your Facebook homepage. That’s where you’ll be invited to enable Timeline.
Be patient at this point because it might take some time.

8 )
facebook timeline
facebook timeline

Click on “Get Started” to enjoy the experience of “Timeline”.

Few days back, Facebook also introduced revamped Newsfeed and its Ticker.
Click here to know more about the “Timeline”.

20 Sep

Facebook News Update: Facebook to be banned in Pakistan, Facebook & Twitter join hands


Facebook to be banned in Pakistan

Lahore High Court has ordered Pakistan authorities to block all the sites that can be used in spreading religious hatred including facebook & twitter.
The authorities have to submit report on this by October 6.
But the court also ordered not to block access to websites like Google or any other search engine. Source

fb logo

Facebook and Twitter Join Hands

The biggest social networking site, Facebook & micro-blogging site Twitter have decided to join hands to improve the social networking experience of their total 850 million users.
Very soon, you would be able to update twitter accounts from your facebook accounts itself.
The exact date for the new collaboration is yet to be announced but it will definitely give Google Plus a serious threat. Source

Facebook’s New Major Profile Redesign

According to Mashable Sources, Facebook is planning to roll out a major redesign in their user profiles at its F8 developer conference this week.
The profile changes will include music & media platform apart from other major changes. Source


16 Sep

Google Doodle honours the founder of Vitamin C on his 118th birthday

Google Doodle honors the founder of Vitamin C, Albert Szent – Györgyi on his 118th birthday with its new Doodle Avatar.

Albert Szent – Györgyi [Sep. 16, 1893 – OcT. 22, 1986 ] is a Hungarian physiologist & discovered the Vitamin C which is found in abundance in Oranges and discovered the components & reactions of the citric acid cycle.

He also won the 1937 Nobel Prize for his contribution in Physiology and Medicine for his discoveries in “connection with the biological combustion process with special reference to vitamin C & the catalysis of fumaric acid”.

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15 Sep

Facebook Introduces Subscribe Button – Now you can follow people Just Like Twitter

Facebook has recently launched a Subscribe button that lets you follow the public updates of people, regardless of whether you are Facebook friends.

You can use Subscribe Button to:

1) Choose what you see from people in your News Feed
2) Hear from people, even if you are not facebook friends
3) Let people hear from you, even if you are not facebook friends

Choose what you see from people in your News Feed

With the Subscribed button, you can choose what you want to see in your News Feed:
– All updates: Everything your friend posts
– Most updates: The amount you’d normally see
– Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move

Subscribe to Interesting People

Get Your Own Subscribers

People who subscribe to you will only see posts which you set as “Public” in your News Feeds.

To allow people subscribe to you, go to the Subscriptions Page & click Allow Subscribers.

Once you allow subscribers, you can also decide who can comment & what notifications you will get.
You’ll also see a Subscribers tab on your profile, where you can see who subscribes to you.

The new feature is very similar to following somebody on Twitter.
What do you think about this new feature?

14 Sep

Twitter finally Launched its services in Hindi

The micro-blogging website Twitter finally launched its services in Hindi today. Few days back, the company announced the launch of its services in Hindi on their official blog.

I think it’s a very dull feature. I was expecting that with the launch of Hindi, I would be able to translate my English Tweets into Hindi language.
But they have just translated the interface into Hindi. I am not sure how it will help their plan of international expansion.
What do you think guys?
[ To enable Hindi Language, go to settings & change the language ]

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14 Sep

Microsoft previews “Windows 8” [ Pictures ]

Microsoft previews the next release of Windows named “Windows 8” at the Microsoft Build Conference on Sep. 13, 2011.
The company also detailed about the new tools which would help developers to write new applications for the Windows platform.

“From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.”, said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows & Windows Live Division at Microsoft.
The Microsoft President has also announced that Windows 7 has sold 450 million copies worldwide till now & around 542 million people are now using Windows Live today.

Your personalized lock screen which shows your unread emails & various app notifications.

Here you can see your apps & content on the start screen in a glance.

Pick all the files you want to share or send from one place.

Fast, fluid & intuitive touch browsing.

Large buttons on the touch keyboard for easy typing.

The thumb keyboard to make you feel natural & more comfortable.

A full house at the start of the conference on Day 1 in Anaheim, California. All the conference attendees also received a Samsung prototype PC with Windows 8 Developer Preview.

You can also download the Windows 8 Developer Preview at this link.

Courtesy & Read more about Windows 8 at: Microsoft Press Release

14 Sep

Now Monetize your Youtube Videos through Youtube Partner Program

YouTube has launched YouTube Partner Program in India which will allow original video creators to earn money on youtube through advertising. Now you can make a living on YouTube through it’s various targeted advertising revenue solutions. youtube partner program youtube partner program benefits requirements for youtube partner program According to YouTube, you need to be a original creator of the videos in order to become a partner in the program. You should also be regularly uploading videos that are viewed by thousands of users, or publish popular or commercially successful videos in various other ways (such as Blu-Ray/DVDs sold online). All you need to do is register yourself at this link. Every year thousands of original content creators make $ 10,000 to $ 1,00,000 through Youtube Partner Program & its numerous targeted advertising revenue solutions.