13 Sep

5 things Entrepreneurs should learn from Indian Movies


1) Impossible is just a word: Have you seen an Indian Movie where one man can beat 200-odd people & his never say die attitude.

Well this attitude can be adopted in the business too. If your venture is not going in the positive direction & facing a seasonal or recessional setback, just remember to always keep going & assess every possibility which can make you a winner. It takes a very strong will to stand & keep going but heroes always does.

2) “Everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” [ Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost]: It is completely true in the business sense also. If your first venture didn’t go as planned, don’t feel sad & get up.

Most of the successful businessmen didn’t make it big in the first attempt itself. They have learned the hard way.
As they say, ” Every time you make a mistake, that means there’s one fewer mistake between you and success.”

3) Let’s get back together: Before going on a Mission Impossible, a hero always forms a team with the right set of skills & talent which is needed to accomplish the task.
Well in order to built a successful venture, you also need right set of people with right kind of skills working with you who are as much dedicated as you to make your dreams turn into reality.

4) Build good relations with people around you: Why you find all the people in the movie ready to help the hero. Just because he always helped people around him with a genuine interest in solving their problems.
A business is also built on good relationships.

If you are able to forge strong relationships with the people around you, you have won half the battle.
If you have helped these people whenever they needed you, they will be glad to help you in your business.
As they say, it’s always better to have 50 friends than $50.

5) Find Your Slogan: You will find signature moves of various Indian Heroes that people remember for ages.
You should also find a slogan that is catchy & unique and can be easily associated with your business.
This way you would be able to built a brand image in the minds of your customers.

“Spread the word by sharing it with your friends.”

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12 Sep

Google launched Doodle 4 Google Competition in India


Google India has launched the third edition of The ‘Doodle 4 Google – India’s gift to the world’ competition which will also mark Childrens’ Day celebrations on 14th November 2011.
The competition is open to all students attending a school in India.

In addition to the winner’s doodle appearing on Google.co.in on Nov 14, 2011, the star Doodler will also receive a technology starter package which will include a laptop, an year’s Internet connection & a Rs 2,00,000 technology grant for the school that he or she will represent.

Last Year Winner:

google doodle competition

Name – Akshay Raj

Theme – ‘My Dream for India’

Class IX, Saint Aloysius High School
Mangalore, India

Technically & Naturally Growing India

My India which is growing technically and naturally is a great support to all beings in India. Non other countries can match up to India’s level in the coming years. It’s achievements are taking it to the top of the world.

Check out the link for more details:
Doodle 4 Google – India’s gift to the world

12 Sep

The New York Times launched “India Ink” website


The New York Times has launched “India Ink”– an English Language website targeted towards India & South Aisian market.

The new site will be edited by The New York Times in India & the International Herald Tribune in Hong Kong, which is led by lead writer Heather Timmons, who is covering business in India for the last 4 years.

india ink

The website will offer news & analysis about Indian politics, business, sports, culture & lifestyle, and will provide a “distinct perspective on the news & events that matter most to Indians and those who follow news about India, both on the subcontinent and abroad”.

The site will also feature contributions from the journalists & writers based across India.


11 Sep

Twitter to launch its services in Hindi in India


The micro-blogging website Twitter is set to launch its services in Hindi in India in next week. It was announced by Twitter on its official blog.
Twitter was launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey & have 200 million users across the world now.

twitter hindi

With the launch of Hindi, Malay, Filipino & Chinese, Twitter will support 17 different languages.

Meanwhile, Facebook has already launched their Hindi services along with five other Indian languages: Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali & Punjabi.

According to the company blog, 40 percent of Twitter’s active users simply log in to check out what’s happening in their world.

The 100 million active users of Twitter mainly include Leaders, Athletes, Humanitarian, Reporters & Entertainers.

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11 Sep

Finance Ministry of India Joins Facebook


The Finance Ministry of India launched its Official Facebook Page on Friday to reach out to the large number of people through the use of latest technology.
“Once you join, you”ll be able to connect with the Ministry of Finance Page, along with people you care about and other things that interest you,” said in an invite sent out by the ministry.

finance ministry of india

Facebook is the number one social networking site with 700 million users worldwide & 25 million users in India only.
The India’s economy is expected to grow at 8 per cent in the coming years and this page will help people to participate in various discussions & post their crucial views on infaltion, financial inclusion , taxation, etc.

The page till now displays various links to the Press Information Bureau & the Ministry’s official website.
Users would also be able to write on the wall of the page, upload and view photographs, like a post, and they can also request for update through SMS & RSS feeds.

Here’s the link for the Page.

06 Sep

Now You Can Compose Nokia’s New Default Ringtone


We all have heard of famous Nokia ringtone which was launched in 1994 and has been there in all Nokia phones since then.
But this year Nokia is launching a global campaign to find the new default ringtone for all his handsets and wants you to be its composer.
The new winning tune will be available in a selection of the company’s 2012 product portfolio.
“The tune should be fresh,original, expressive, creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune,” Nokia says.

nokia ringtone contest

The winner will also receive $ 10,000 as a prize money and $1,000 prizes to 5 runner-up.

All you need to do is to submit your entry at nokiatune.audiodraft.com . The 5 entries selected on the basis of maximum public votes & 5 entries selected by judges will make it to the finals.
The final winner will be chosen by panel of judges.

Last date to submit the entry is Oct. 2 , 2011.

06 Sep

Now buy Puma products online – Puma India launches E-Commerce portal


Puma India -the Indian arm of the major German multinational company that manufactures high-end athletic shoes, lifestyle apparel & footwear and other sportswear, has launchedPumaShop.in as an ecommerce portal where you can buy various apparel, footwear & other accessories of the brand.
With this launch of E Commerce portal, company expects to build a different position of the brand in the E Commerce space.

puma logo

Though there are many E Commerce portals where you can buy puma products but company expects to provide larger width & depth of product offering & the overall browsing experience.

The company also expects to provide more mobile payment options for the customers.
The company is expecting that this ecommerce portal will contribute to 10 % of the company’s overall revenues by 2015.


05 Sep

Google Doodle celebrates rock legend Freddie Mercury 65th birthday


Google Doodle celebrates flamboyant Rock legend singer Freddie Mercury 65th birthday with its fresh new Doodle on Monday.
The lead vocalist of the band ‘Queen’ has delivered many hits such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love , We are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody & many others.

freddie google doodle

Freddie Mercury(born Farrokh Bulsara) is a Gujarati by birth & was born to Parsi parents on Sep 5, 1946.
He died on Nov 24, 1991 due to AIDS.

freddie mercury

The Google doodle in honour of his 65th birth anniversary presents an animated music video style featuring his hit song Don’t Stop Me Now that was written & sung by Mercury himself.
This is the second such gesture music video by Google Doodle. The first one was on the occasion of Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday.

05 Sep

“Twitter Terrorists” Could face 30 Years in Prison


Two people, a private school teacher & a radio presenter,could get 30 years in prison for charges under terrorism laws.
Both people spread false rumors of gunmen attacking schools & kidnapping children in Mexico creating panic among parents to reach to their children which led to car accidents & jammed phone lines.

twitter terrorist

These are most serious charges ever on anyone for creating chaos & panic through twitter.

Prosecutors told that defendants tweeted, “My sister-in-law just called me all upset, they just kidnapped 5 children from the school.”

Both defendants claim that they only tweeted what they saw elsewhere on the world wide web.

Do you think people should be imprisoned for inciting chaos through Twitter? How serious should the punishment be? (Welles received no punishment for the mass hysteria that the Halloween 1938 broadcast caused.)


03 Sep

Find cool apps on Facebook using AppFishing.com


Chennai Based startup gBoom launched a website through which you can discover interesting applications on facebook.
AppFishing.com is a Facebook Application founder where you can find cool applications based upon different categories.
It also has a taste recognition engine that identifies users’ tastes and suggests them apps which are relevant to the user.


The main idea behind the website is that to help people find apps which are according to their tastes instead of using the same apps which their friends are using.
This is where Appfishing comes into the picture and its advanced taste engine.
Do check it out and let us know your thoughts in comments.