31 Oct

News RoundUp: Youtube, Blackberry, E-Commerce, Apollo & Others


Youtube launches Channels

Youtube is expanding their channels by introducing channels created by famous personalities from different fields like TV, music, film, sports, media companies or Youtube existing partners.
These channels will have something for everyone, whether you’re a sports freak, comedy lover, mom, a music fan or a pop-culture crazy fan.
For a sneak peak, click here.

RIM sets up facility in Mumbai to help Indian Government in surveillance efforts

RIM (Research In Motion) has set up a facility in Mumbai to help the Indian Govt in lawful surveillance of its services.
India Govt can submit the name of a suspect they want to investigate, & Blackberry will provide decoded messages for that person if it satisfies the legal authorization.
Last year, Indian govt threatened to shut down BB encrypted email & instant messaging services because it could not be wiretap because of its encrypted form.

Rs. 5 crore KBC winner fear of abduction?

Sushil Kumar who won the KBC big prize of Rs. 5 crore fear of abduction as he returns home to Bihar next week. The fear arises in the Sushil’s family because of the several abduction cases in the State.
This raise question on the CM Nitish Kumar efforts who claims that kidnap cases have reduced in Bihar during his tenure.

New Mobile Numbers Might Begin With 5,6 & 3

DoT forwarded a new proposal to issue new mobile numbers with digit 3, 5 and 6 that will free 2.75 billion mobile numbers. The initial proposal to issue 11 digit numbers has been put on hold for the moment.
The Telecom department(DoT) has also accepted the short-term solution from TRAI to issue nos in the 7 & 8 series that will free 650 million nos to meet the demands for next 2.5 years.

Apollo Hospitals launches robotic technology for stroke treatment

Apollo Group has launched “stroke Robot” that will provide quality care to the patients who are staying at remote places.The RP-7 remote presence Robot will help the doctors to monitor & guide the patients who are living in far places from cities itself.

It is the 1st such technology in India and US Food & Drug Administration is the only one to give a clearance for this device.

GNBIndia.com launched as a group buying ecommerce site for financial products

GNBIndia.com has been launched as a group buying website to get discounted deals on loan products.
Presently the service is only available in cities like Delhi/NCR, Jaipur and Mumbai.

30 Oct

Nokia introduces bendable handsets using its Kinetic Concept devices

nokia bendable handsets

Nokia introduced a new Kinetic Concept devices in its handsets.
Now you can use a handset by bending and twisting it. The device is not a touchscreen.
The new revolutionary technology is beneficial for those living in cold environment where gloves don’t go well with the touchscreen. That means you would be able to view and navigate content without having your fingers in the way. The handset is still in testing phase and Nokia is planning to launch it very soon.

Do Read: Nokia unveil Asha Series Mobile Phones – 303, 300, 200 and 201

See it yourself to believe how this new technology works.

30 Oct

Nokia unveil Asha Series Mobile Phones – 303, 300, 200 and 201


Nokia unveiled new Asha series of mobile phones – 200, 201, 300 and 303.
All of these new phones are running on Series 40.
The word ‘Asha’ comes from Hindi language and means “Hope”.


nokia asha 303

– QUERTY Keypad
– Symbian Series 40 OS
– 2.6 Inch Touchscreen
– 1 GHz processor
– Wifi and 3G
– 3.2 MP Camera
– Estimated talktime of 7 hours
– Pre-loaded apps includeAngry Birds Lite, Whatsapp, Mobile TV with Zenga TV, NokiaMaps & Nokia Music Unlimited.
– Available in six colors including red, silver, aqua white, graphite, green & purple.
– Priced at Rs. 8,990.


nokia asha 300

– 3G & 5 MP Camera
– 1 Ghz processor
– 4.3 hours of talktime
– Available in graphite, red, gold, night shade, pink, & silver white


nokia asha 201

– Targeted at music lovers.
– QUERTY keypad.
– 2.4 inch QVGA display
– 2 MP Camera
– One click access to social networks.
– Loud speakers with FM radio
– 7 hours of talktime
– Priced at Rs. 4,000


nokia asha 200

– Dual SIM
– QUERTY keypad
– The dual SIM capability lets you assign a name, rungtone & logo for up to 5 SIM cards.
– 2 MP Camera
– Priced at Rs. 4,000

Nokia S40 supports both WhatsApp messenger and Angry Birds game to keep you entertained on the go.
All these new phones are expected to hit the stores later this year.

Buy Nokia Asha Series Mobile Phones on Flipkart or Amazon.

24 Oct

Mumbai is the top internet using city in India: IAMAI Survey


top internet using city india

According to a recent survey conducted by IMRB & IAMAI(Internet and Mobile Association of India); Mumbai is the number one internet using city with 8.1 million users & 6.2 million active users followed by Delhi(NCR) with 6.2 million users & 5 million active users.
Kolkata is at the 3rd place with 3 million users and 2.4 active million users followed by Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Check out the full list of data of various cities:

internet users india

The report also confirms that internet is mainly dominated by youth aged between 18 to 35 years with young men, college students & working women.

22 Oct

Google launches Self driving car technology ( Video )

google self driving car

Search Engine giant Google has launhced a self-driving car technology that will help people to combat congestion & mobility issues.
The car will work by using a rotating $ 75,000 laser on its roof which is called “lidar” that will give a 360 degree & 3D understanding of the surroundings of the car and it is accurate to 2 Centimeters.

According to the Google, the company is now working on building innovative projects outside the web domain, and “building autonomous cars” is first of them.

Watch the Videos explaining “How Google’s Self Driving Car Technology’ works:

I am really looking forward to this technology. The way these tech companies are going for innovations, it seems future is gonna be pretty exciting.
Meanwhile, the project is under the R&D stage and will go for sale after some time only.


21 Oct

Gmail to get a makeover ( Video )


A revamped version of Gmail is coming up very soon. The video explaining the new update was accidentally posted on Youtube before being made private by Gmail. But not before it was already re-posted.

Update: The video has been blocked by Google. As you can see in your Gmail, the new updates are live now and they are pretty impressive.

21 Oct

Say Hello to the most amazing iPhone yet”- Apple iPhone 4S first TV Commercial [ Video]

iphone 4s advertisment

You speak. Siri helps. Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.”- Titled “Assistant’, Apple began the airing of its first commercial for iPhone 4S.
The entire ad focuses on the Siri- Apple new Virtual Persoanl Assistant.

Also check out the Viral Video on Siri creating sensation on Youtube:

What do you of this new ad by Apple?
Personally being an Apple fanatic, I just loved this advertisement.

19 Oct

Google launched Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich

android iCS

Google launched the new Android 4.0( Ice Cream Sandwich) yesterday in Hong Kong with the Samsung Nexus – the first phone to use the latest Android OS.

Now you can beam a video with single tap or can unlock a device with a smile sound only like science fiction in Android 4.0 .  With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s mission was to develop a OS that works on both phones & tablets, and to improve the performance of Android. In Android 4.0,  a new font has been introduced which is optimized for HD displays & all hardware buttons has been eliminated in favor of adaptable software buttons. There are dramatically improvement in the keyboard, and the notifications have been  more interactive &created resizable widgets.

The new OS is more smart as it gives you full control over the amount of mobile data you use.  Android Beam has also been introduced, which uses near field communication (NFC) to instantly share webpages, and photos.

Watch these videos to check the new offering from Samsung & Google:

Check the official press release from Google.

17 Oct

Twournal: Turn your Twitter Stream into a printed journal


Twournal is an awesome service that turns your Twitter stream into a physical printed book.

Twournal will turn all your past tweets & turn them into a printed journal so that you can have a physical look back at all your Tweets.
The finished book is amazing like a coffee table book.


twournal pricing

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17 Oct

The Wisdom of Others – Share wisdom and turn it into a printed book

wisdom of others

The Wisdom of Others
is a new startup which allows you to create a hardcover book by sharing your wisdom and inviting others to contribute their wisdom too.

For instance, if someone you know is getting married or expecting a child, you could gather up all the advice you want to give and have it bind into a hardcover book.
You can also invite your friends, family and relatives to share their wisdom to “What is the secret for successful marriage” or “How to survive parenthood” and then gift this book it to that person.

That book can be used for the generations to come as an advice from the elders, friends, family and relatives.

wisdom of others

The binding of the book is same professional- quality hardcover binding and books are printed on hundred pound matte text FSC-certified archival papers. Black satin bookmarks, silver foil stamping, decorative headbands, fly sheets, and premium end papers are also provided in the book.

Pricing of the Book is as follows:

wisdom of others pricing

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17 Oct

Egobook: Turn your Facebook Profile into a awesome Printed book


EgoBook is a awesome Facebook app that lets you turn your Facebook profile into an actual printed book.

It is a personalized book which is created from your status updates, wall messages, published pictures & the comments from a Facebook profile. The idea is great and will definitely appeal to all the Facebook addicts.
EgoBook is created by Nicolas Cazelais.


How It Works:

Visit the Egobook App on Facebook.
Give the app permission to access your profile.
Select the options you want.
Preview the cover and edit the title text if you want to.
Buy your Egobook – price starts around US $22.45.

Check out this video to know more about Egobook:

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15 Oct

Google to shut down Google Buzz and many other services

google buzz

The Search Engine giant Google has decided to shut down Google Buzz and some of its other products & turn them into features of existing products.

Google made this announcement through its blog that the services that will see termination from January 15, 2012 will be:

Code Search, designed to help people search for open source code all over the web.
Google Buzz and the Buzz API, and entire focus will be on Google+.
Jaiku, that let users send updates to friends.
– The University Research Program for Google Search, that provides API access to Google search results for a small no. of approved academic researchers.
Google Labs site will be shut down.
Boutiques.com & Like.com websites will be replaced by Google Product Search.

Google announced that entire focus will be on products like Google+.