30 Mar

How to Fix Google Rich Snippets Errors for WordPress

google snippet testing tool

google snippet testing tool

Recently, when I tested my website pages on Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool – I found the following three errors.

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

You may also find these errors, so here’s the fix for all these errors.

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Fix “Entry-Title” Error

Go to Appearance> Theme Editor in your WordPress Dashboard.
Open Single Post(Single.php) file.
Hit Find(Ctrl+F) in your editor and look for the_title(). Your can see it’s surrounded by an H1 or H2 tag.

entry title

Replace it with this. Just add class=”title entry-title” in the H1 tag.

entry title google rich snippets

Fix “Updated” Error

This error occurs because Google rich snippet wants to know when was the post updated. So, search for class=”date” in the single.php file and replace it with class=”date updated”.
In my case, it is class=”post-date updated”.

post date update google rich snippet tool

Fix Missing Field hCard Author Error

This tells Google who is the author of the post. Search for the_author() in the same file, and just modify the code like this:

vcard google rich snippet testing

Add the span class “vcard author” and “fn” and don’t forget to close it with </span> tag.

Now check the page again in the Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool and all the errors are gone.


Note: Editing single.php applies for single post alone (Home page still remains the same with warnings).  But I’ve also noticed that Google is showing author information even on pages with warnings.

The codes explained above may not work for everyone. So, you can ask any issue you’re facing in comments.

30 Mar

How To Show Author Information in Google Search Results


Last year, Google started showing author information in Google Search results. This means that you see the author´s picture and information displaying next to a search result. It is a part of “Complete Guide to Rich Snippets” which is a must for every blog to adopt and results in higher CTR(Click-Through Rates).

rich snippets

Setting Up Author Verification in WordPress:

Option 1: For Single Author Websites

Step 1: Create a Google+ account.

Step 2: Link your content to your Google Profile

Add the personal badge to your site by copying and pasting a snippet of code.

google plus badge

You can check my personal badge on the right hand side of this page. The personal badge links to your Google+ profile and also lets users share, add or follow you to their circles, directly from your webpage

Step 3: Link to your content from your profile

Now the verification process will be completed by adding a reciprocal link back from your profile to your website.

To add links to your Google Profile:
a) Sign in to your Google profile.
b) Click Edit profile.
c)  Click the Contributor To section on the right hand side(depending on number of photos you have, you may need to scroll down to see this section), and then click Add custom link and add the link of your website.
d) If you want to, you can also change the visibility of your link, and then click Save.

Option 2: Recommended For Multiple Author Websites

This is a new method posted by Google to verify authorship of a page:

Author information in search results

Now to check your markup and see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the rich snippets testing tool.

Note: It might take few days before Google starts showing Author Information in Search results.

30 Mar

Top Indian Students Recruited By Facebook

facebook recruitment

facebook recruitment

Facebook is now coming to IITs and NITs in India looking for good programmers.

Facebook has hired an B.Tech student from Allahabad-based Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) for an annual package for Rs 1.34 crore last week.
Another 21-year-old 4th year BTech computer science student NIT Warangal was being offered the job at Facebook in 2011 with package of Rs 45 lakhs per annum.

Ankur Dahiya, an IIT-Delhi student was hired by Facebook in 2011 for an annual salary of Rs. 65 lakhs. Ankur Dahiya, who belongs to the Rohtak in Haryana will be placed in Palo Alto, California as a programmer after completing his course in 2012.

So what do you have to say about this changing trend of hiring Indian programmers by Facebook. Though the salary is still an average comparing it with what Harvard students’ receive. If you calculate this is salary in Dollars, they are only getting $8,000- $15,000 per month which is an average salary in USA.

And if that candidate is that much good, I believe he should start some company in India as we are lacking so much behind in tech Innovations here.
Share your thoughts.

28 Mar

Bollywood Celebrities Going Gaga Over Investing in E-Commerce Companies


E-Commerce is the hot sector these days. From venture capitalists to customers to Entrepreneurs to bloggers, all eyes are on the E-commerce start ups in India and all over the world.
And the recent celebrity to join this Bandwagon is Bollywood Actor Salman Khan who has picked up less than 5% stake in travel portal Yatra.com and will also be the brand ambassador of the company.

salman-khan invests in yatra

Since we’re targeting customers in smaller towns, Salman Khan is a great fit considering his mass appeal across the country,” said Sharat Dhall( President of Yatra.com ).
Though Sharat Dhalll did not specify how the company would be using Salman Khan’s investment or the remuneration being paid to him for his multiple-year contract.
He, however, said that the company would support Salman Khan’s charitable organization, Being Human.

In the last 12 months, we saw lot of investments in E-Commerce companies made by various celebrities. Karisma Kapoor made an investment in BabyOye.com , which had raised $2.5 million from Accel Partners & Tiger Global. Neha Dhupia Launched HerStyle, an Online Store Selling Lingerie, Nightwear & Thermals. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh made an investment in Exclusively.in . Cricketer Zaheer Khan invested in Exclusively.in’s new label Sher Singh. Bollywood Actors Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt invested in Ticketplease, which deals in tickets for movies and concerts. Vatsal Seth made an investment in celebwears.com, an online store selling celebrity clothes & customized wardrobes. Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty made an investment in home-buying site GroupHomeBuyers.com.
And this is not just in Bollywood, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary invested in an E-commerce website, Fab.com, which features daily design inspirations & sales of up to 70% off retail.

This move will definitely help E-commerce companies as they can cash on the fan following of the celebrities to take their companies to new heights. And Celebrities too can invest their hard earned money in this growing and profitable sector.

Check out the Latest Ad of Babyoye featuring Karisma Kapoor:

27 Mar

Google’s App Store Play Now on Toolbar

google play on toolbar

Google Play, until recently known as Android Market, is your one stop shop to buy from over 4,50,000 mobile apps, music, movies and books. It is accessible from the Web or any Android device.

google play on toolbar

Today, Google Play Store has been added to the Google Toolbar from where you access your GMail to YouTube to Google News.

To access the store, just visit Google.com and find ‘Google Play’ on the toolbar right between Maps and YouTube.

So the question comes: How this strategy will help Google?

It’s a free promotion for Android and its apps and users who used to visit Android App store occasionally will visit it more now to find new apps and content.
Now chances are that even Non- Android users would check the Android Store more often to see what kind of apps are there in the store.

So, it’s a great decision by Google to give massive boost to Google Play as millions of people from around the world visit Google everyday and considering the fact that the future of computing lies in Apps.

27 Mar

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Learn in College But You Don’t Realize

entrepreneur lessons you learn in college


I have read many articles all over the web that you don’t need a degree to be a successful Entrepreneur. Though I completely agree with this point and believe that Success is not about reading textbooks or doing MBA but still there are many Entrepreneurial Lessons which you learn in College time and you don’t even realize that.

entrepreneur lessons you learn in college

1) Teamwork: Running a successful business depends upon the teamwork. A good team is the backbone of a company. You can’t do it alone. When you’re in college, you are learning this attribute all the time. For instance, while making projects, organizing events or even during group fights. You always need the support of your friends or batch-mates.
There’s a saying, ” A team with a star performer is a good team, but a team without one is a great team”.
In college, you always have a great team – bunch of passionate learners who wants to excel in everything in life.

2) Leadership: In colleges, students always form these small groups to hang out, watch movies and do everything together. And in these groups, there is always a leader who is taking most of the group decisions.
Leadership is all about making people say, ” I will do anything for you”.
So, you might not realize but you are actually nurturing your leadership qualities by taking those small decisions and making people stand for you.

3) Managing Limited Resources: Let’s accept the fact that we always have limited cash resources during college time. And still we’re able to manage our alcohol expenditure, phone bills, movies with girlfriend and other expensive activities.
In college time only, we started to learn the virtue of improvised arrangement or adaptability because of lack of resources termed as “Jugaad”.

4) Guts and Perseverance: You lose your first love. You have your first heartbreak. You fail in exams while your friend is getting good marks. But still you learn to stand up again to find a new love. You study hard day and night to get better marks.
Because Entrepreneurs never give up. Rovio made 51 unsuccessful games before their overnight success with Angry Birds. Always remember, every failure will take you one step closer to success.

5) Passion: College is the time when you realize that you want to be an Entrepreneur, or an actor, or a singer. If you love something and passionate about it, do give it a try. Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
Though many people will try to drag you down by saying that you can’t do it. But just follow your instinct and passion and just do it.
Life is short. Live your dream. And wear your passion.

27 Mar

5 Awesome Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes

iphoto pinterest like wordpress theme


Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website. Check out five awesome Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes.

Imbalance 2 (Free)

imbalance 2 wordpress theme

Demo * Download

Pinterest Theme ( Price: $59)

pinterest like wordpress theme

Demo * Download

Shaken Grid

shaken grid

Demo * Download

Gridnik – Elite Portfolio WordPress Theme ( Price: $30)


Demo * Download

PinPress WordPress Theme ( Price: $69)

pinpress pinterest like wordpress theme

Demo * Download

Pinboard WordPress Theme ( Price: $39)

pinboard-wordpress theme

Demo – Pinboard * Themify – Pinboard

Pinterest Plus WordPress Theme ( Price: $65)

Pinterest Plus WordPress Theme

Demo & Download


26 Mar

How Much You Can Get Paid For Finding Security Vulnerabilities?



Hacking is fun. Hacking is risky. Hacking is a talent.

But If you’re a clever hacker, you can earn lot of money these days by making the right choices.
Find a zero-day exploit in a device like an iPhone/ iPad, for instance, and report it to Apple and present it at a security conference to win fame & lucrative consulting gigs.
Or you can sell the exploits to government agencies via middlemen who charge around 15% commission for setting up the million dollar deal. One of such middlemen is a Bangkok-based security researcher who goes by the name “the Grugq”.


According to a report on Forbes, these agencies don’t tell the public about the code they are paying for because they use it to gain access to their target’s devices.

Below is the rough price list of selling zero-day exploits to these Government Agencies. The price of finding security vulnerabilities in iOS is the highest, thanks to its stronger security followed by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


Now the question comes, Who’s paying these prices? Western governments(specifically the U.S.), European Agencies and even the Chinese Government. And the sale depends not just on the ethical concerns but also who pays more.
Sometimes, the buyer are also the private sector clients who merely use the exploits as a proof-of-concept for marketing purposes.

Being a Hacker, you can also sell these exploits to software vendor itself. Firms like Mozilla, Google and Facebook offer a few thousand dollars for reporting bugs. Google typically offers a maximum of $3,133.70 for such information.

25 Mar

7 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Can Learn By Doing Sales Job


I always wanted to work in Sales. Sales is the foundation of any business. There’s a saying that,” If you are good in sales, you can be successful in anything in life”. Though it’s not true all the time but Sales Job is something which teaches you a lot about yourself and the customers and everyone should do sales job once in their life. It’s all about selling yourself – if you can present yourself well in front of the customers and build good relations, you can easily sell the product.
Though the most important part of Sales is to create value for the prospects in able to turn them into customers.
An entrepreneur who lacks basic selling skills will find hard to be successful.


1) You need to Sell Yourself to Sell the Product: Selling yourself here means building good relations and trust with the customers with your attributes of honesty and professionalism and listening to their wants and needs and then providing the best solution for their specific problem.

The first time when you enter a prospects’ office, they do not know which product you’re selling. The first thing they will notice is you and how you’re introducing yourself and the company.
Businesses are also made successful by people. Take an example of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. It is mainly because of them Apple and Microsoft became so successful.

2) Not Everyone is Potential Customer: Before going on a cold call, salespeople always map the area to find out the best potential customers with the enough buying resources. In the business too, find out your best target market and potential customers. This will help to save your time, resources and you can focus on few very important potential customers. Always Remember, ten loyal customers are better than 30 customers who will not repeat purchase with your company.

3) Being Manipulative Works But Not in the longer run: There are two types of salespeople -Manipulative and Genuine. If the product is new in the market, then being manipulative might work for you. You might do good number of initial sales. But to be successful and drive regular sales in the longer run and in such a cut-throat competition these days, you need to be pretty honest with your customers and should try to solve their problems. Now honest here doesn’t mean that you should tell all the weak points of your product. Being Honest means to promise only those things which you can deliver.

4) Handling Pressure: The best part of Sales Job is that it teaches you how to handle pressure. Every day you have to report to your immediate manager. Every week you have to send Weekly reports to your senior manager. Every month you have review meets. And Every second you are afraid of losing your job if you’re not completing your targets. But if you’re able to handle this pressure, you can always handle different uncertainties that you will face in your business.

5) Service is Everything: It doesn’t matter for the customer how great your product is if you’re not providing good service. The customer in no time will shift to an average product with better services over your product.

6) If nine prospects say No,Don’t loose hope.. 10th one Still Could Say yes: This is the best thing I’ve learned in my Sales Job. Just never lose hope. In the business too, you only need to make one thing right to make it successful as long as you don’t do many things wrong.

7) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: In Sales job, your income is directly associated with your effort and skills. You need to come out of your comfort zone, overcome any shyness and hesitation and have to bring results.
Similarly, these traits will help you to get success in the business too.



24 Mar

The Google Panda Update 3.4 ( Infographic )

google panda infographic


Google Panda is a filter launched on Feb. 24, 2011 that lets Google sift out duplicate or low quality content.
Learn more about Google Panda in this Infographic by Search Engine Land or you can also read, Everything you need to know about “Google Panda”.
Recently, Google launched its Panda Update 3.4 on March 24, 2012 which will affect only 1.6% of queries according to Google.

google panda infographic

24 Mar

Story Wheel – Tell The Story Behind Your Instagram Pictures

story wheel


Pictures speak louder than words.
Story Wheel is a new web app that lets you record a voice story around your Instagram pictures and share it on the web as a Nostalgic Slideshow. It was started by Johannes Wagener and Katharina Birkenbach during the Music Hack Day Boston in 2011 and is now part of the SoundCloud Labs.
The web app is using Instagram to serve the pictures and SoundCloud to record & playback the stories.

story wheel

The process of creating stories is pretty simple. Just connect it with your Instagram account and arrange your pictures in the order of your choice. And then just record the voice story behind those pictures to create your Story Wheel.

It’s a pretty cool idea. I saw some of the stories and they were quite interesting. Though the website needs some improvement in terms of functionality, design and user experience.
But I’d highly recommend everyone to give it a try especially if you’re an avid Instagram user.