31 May

Why You Should Keep Your Goals To Yourself? ( Video )

derek sivers keep your goals to yourself


You must have read in many self-help books that announcing your goals publicly gives you more push and motivation to achieve those goals. But Derek Sivers talks about a different perspective that it’s always better to keep your goals secret.

Various tests done since 1933 show that people who talk about their goals are less likely to make them happen because announcing your goals publicly satisfies your self-identity just enough that you are not much motivated to do the hard work required to achieve those goals.

Check out this video for more:

31 May

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy?


There is no doubt that there is so much concern about the privacy issues related to Google, Facebook or any other major websites. But have you considered privacy issues related to your mobile phones?

According to the app security company Veracode, there are 4 levels of risk related to mobile devices viz Application Layer, Network Layer, Hardware layer and Operating system Layer. Some malicious apps can access your mobile data and some other apps can penetrate your operating system and gain administrative access to your mobile device itself.

In the last few months, it was discovered that many apps were storing users’ contacts lists without their permission. A fake malware version of Instagram app was also available for Android users to download.

Find more details in this comprehensive Infographic by Veracode (via Mashable)

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy

29 May

Winners of 5 Hosting Accounts From Zyma Giveaway



First of all, Thanks to all the participants of Unlimited Web Hosting Giveaway – Zyma.
We ran the random query to select the winners.


Winners of 5 Unlimited Hosting Accounts From Zyma Giveaway:

– Aisha Holley
– Kanika Kapoor
– Shubham Aggarwal
– Semakula Bashir
– Naveen Hooda

Congratulations to all  the winners. Winners will be contacted by Zyma via email within the next few days. And Thanks to zyma for this amazing giveaway.

About Zyma:

Zyma.com, is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the UK with customer base in more than 80 different countries in four different continents, & their unlimited web hosting package is one of the most comprehensive around.

27 May

Top 25 Tumblr Blogs To Follow or Waste Time On Internet

draw nyc


Tumblr is a microblogging platform & social networking website, which allows users to post multimedia & other content to a short-form blog, called “tumblelog”. So, if you are looking to waste time on Internet or having some laugh – then it is perfect place for you.

draw nyc

Check out Top 21 Tumblr Blogs To Follow or Waste Time On Internet:

1) Texts From Dog

One of the best Tumblr Blog, about Text Messages From A Dog. Yeah, it’s weird but hilarious.

2) One Tiny Hand

A great blog about pictures of celebrities with one tiny hand.

3) White Whine

Huge collection of First World Problems. Updated daily.

4) Pleated Jeans

Find some of the best original graphics on this blog. Check out the full website too.

5) Awwccupy Wall Street

Check out the Occupy Movement’s cutest protestors.

6) I Love Charts

Amazing collection of charts.

7) What Should We Call Me

Funny GIFs with funny descriptions.

8 ) Dog Waiting For Their Humans

Heart touching photos of dogs waiting for their humans.

9) Growing Up Heroes

User submitted photos of people growing up as heroes.

10) Tastefully Offensive

Always funny. Updated daily.

11) Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Huge collection of photos of awesome people hanging together.

12) 9Gag

The most popular memes website is on Tumblr too.

13) Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

Like or Hate Justin Bieber? Check out this blog.

14) Absolutely Madness

Best funny pictures from all over the web. Updated daily.

15) Draw New York

Amazing drawings of people in New York with real background.

16) Barney Blog

If you love Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, do check out this blog.

17) Love Quotes

Amazing Love quotes.

18) Newspaper Blackout

User submitted newspaper blackout poems.

19) Geeky Stuff

Check out cool geeky stuff on this blog.

20) Anti Duck Face

Huge collection of Funny Duckface photos.

21) Feminist Ryan Gosling

Hey girl. Feminist theory cards from your favorite sensitive movie dude-turned-meme.

22) Jesus is Jerk

Funny Memes of Jesus.

23) Funny Wildlife

Cute, beautiful and funny animal pictures from all over the web.

24) Political Cartoons

A Huge collection of funny political cartoons.

25) Clients From Hell

A collection of anonymously contributed client funny stories.

If you know any other cool Tumblr blog, do suggest us in comments.

25 May

RIM launches BlackBerry Curve 9320 in India for Rs 15,990

blackberry curve 9320


Canadian mobile handset manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) launched its new 3G smartphone in India – Blackberry Curve 9320 at Rs. 15,990 today. Last month, RIM also launched BlackBerry Curve 9220 for Rs 10,990.

Most of the features of the Curve 9320 are similar to the Curve 9220 except the fact that latter is 3G-less. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect from RIM as Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Reliance Comm – all have slashed their 3G prices by up to 90 percent.

blackberry curve 9320

Specs & Features of Blackberry Curve 9320:

– Blackberry OS 7.1
– Qwerty keypad with Optical Trackpad
– 2.44-inch (320×240 pixels) TFT display
– 800 MHz Processor & 512MB of RAM
– 3.2 MP Camera
– 3G, WiFi, Music Playback and Built in FM radio.
– Bluetooth, A-GPS
– Memory Expandable up to 32GB via Micro SD Card
– 1450 mAh Battery which provides up to 7 hours of talk time & up to 30 hours of music playback on headphones.
– Priced at Rs. 15,990.

24 May

Facebook Launches Stand Alone Camera App For iPhone

facebook camera app


Facebook has launched a new stand-alone camera iPhone app to help its users to share photos faster & easier on the largest social network, the company announced in its blog today.

facebook camera app

Though Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but Facebook was building its own version of stand-alone photo sharing app even before its Instagram deal.

The Facebook Camera app is mainly focused on sharing multiple photos at once from your iPhone. You can also add a caption, your location & tag friends before you share.
Facebook has also added some editing tools in the app like the ability to crop, rotate & add filters to any photo in your camera roll.

Download the Facebook Camera app here.

Last week, Facebook also launched Facebook Pages Manager app for iPhone to manage multiple pages on Facebook easily.

24 May

How To Get/Increase Followers on Twitter

increase or gain twitter followers fast free


Twitter is a great and powerful tool for promoting your work and business online. But to maximize the benefits of Twitter, it is crucial to gain more followers on the website. The more number of people following you, the more chances are there that people will notice what you’re doing and will be interested in your business.
But gaining followers on Twitter is not an easy task. You need to invest your time and efforts to increase your following.

increase or gain twitter followers fast free

Check out Three Ways To Get/Increase Followers on Twitter Fast Using Free & Paid Services:

1) Follow People With Same Interests

The best way to gain real followers is to follow people with similar interests. You can use directories like Twellow or Wefollow where it is very easy to search for people with similar interests. You can also use Twitter Search to find targeted followers. Usually what I have noticed, you will get 10-40 follow back out of every 100 people you follow. But it all depends on your Tweets. If you give interesting stuff, people will follow you. And you can always unfollow people who do not follow you back.

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Top 5 Tools To Search/Browse Twitter By Hashtag

2) Fiverr

Nobody likes to follow people with less followers. Read this Golden Rule of Twitter. If a person has more followers than they are following, then people might consider to follow you.
Fiverr is a great freelancer website where people do things for only $5. You can easily buy Gigs such as “I will add 3000+ High Quality Twitter Followers to your Twitter account to increase your followers count for $5”. But remember 99% of the time, these followers are fake accounts which looks real. But these gigs can really help to gain more followers. When people will see 2000-3000 followers in your Twitter account with some pretty interesting tweets, they would like to follow you.

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3) Twiends

Twiends is a free service where you can add your profile & tag it with interests. This is a credit based system where you get credits each time you follow people, or refer others or blog about the service. You can easily get lot of followers for free on Twiends.

What methods do you use to increase Twitter followers?
Share in comments.

23 May

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads ( Infographic )


Facebook released its IPO last week and there’s been a lot of debate about the performance of Facebook ads since then. Two days before IPO, GM pulled its advertising campaigns from Facebook, saying that their paid advertisements had very little effect on the customers.
Though the social networking site is growing in popularity but the Click Through Rate was only .05% in 2010 compared to Google’s .4%.

In the first quarter of 2012, it is reported that advertising rates by Facebook increased by 40% while CTR fell by 8%.

Check out more details in this amazing Infographic by Wordstream:

facebook ads vs google ads

21 May

Unlimited Web Hosting Giveaway – Zyma



Zyma.com, one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the United Kingdom have partnered with Youngblah.com to give-away 5 lucky winners a web hosting account completely FREE for one whole year!

Zyma’s customer base covers more than 80 different countries in four different continents, and their unlimited web hosting package is one of the most comprehensive around. This is a give-away opportunity you simply do not want to miss.

zyma giveaway

Hosting Account Features:

• Unlimited Web space
• Unlimited Traffic
• Unlimited Email Accounts
• Unlimited SQL Databases
• Unlimited FTP Accounts
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Free CDN Service
• Free Google Vouchers
• Free Transfer & Setup
• Free Tech Support
• cPanel Web Hosting
• Fantastico De Luxe
• Softaculous Premium
• Attracta SEO tools via cPanel

Contest Duration:

The contest will be open for only 7 days, so go ahead and participate now.

Contest Start Date: 22/05/2012 – 12:01 AM EST

Contest End Date: 29/05/2012 – 12:01 AM EST

How To Participate:

To participate in the giveaway, login using Facebook or Email in the RaffleCopter Widget below, follow all the three steps and 5 lucky winners will be chosen by Zyma to claim their prize.
( If you don’t see RaffleCopter Widget below, please let us know in comments. )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some reasons to explain why you should participate in this contest to win free Zyma Free Hosting Account for one year:

– You can use Zyma free hosting account to experiment with a new business concept, blog, or venture which you always wanted to.
– And after one year, if your blog or venture is going really well – then you could easily extend your plan with Zyma.

(Tip: Tweet and share this giveaway on Facebook everyday to maximize your winning possibility.)

Update: Winners announced here.

21 May

Microsoft Quietly Launches Social Network So.cl

so.cl home page


Microsoft quietly launched a new social network last night – So.Cl.

The new social network, which was leaked out last year, is developed to give students the ability to network and share information with their peers. It was tested by many students at selected universities since last year.

so.cl home page


“So.cl (pronounced ‘Social’) combines search and social networking for the purpose of learning and research & it is the latest experiment from FUSE Labs,” Microsoft said in a description of the social network.

Users can log in to So.cl with their Facebook or Windows Live accounts. Once logged in, users can choose their areas of Interest, and follow their friends and other people. Just like Facebook’s share button, So.cl also has a “Share on So.cl” button, allowing users to share interesting Web sites with other So.cl users.

In addition to basic features such as sharing, tagging and commenting on posts, Microsoft has added a new feature – “Riff” on the post – that Microsoft describes as “a new way to interact & improvise with content.”

Another great feature in So.cl is the ability to create “video parties” that allows users to view YouTube videos and chat with their friends simultaneously.

Microsoft refers to the So.cl as “an experiment in open search,” that means your searches will be viewable to other So.cl users and public. But Microsoft also said it will not automatically post users’ So.cl activity and searches unless they opt in.

Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in comments. Though the So.cl is completely different from Facebook or Google Plus but I find some of its features really cool and overall its pretty interesting, atleast better than Google Plus.

19 May

Top 11 Funny Reactions To Facebook IPO

funny twitter reaction facebook ipo


Facebook’s first day as a public company was quite dramatic as it opened at $42.05 in the morning and closed at $38.23, only up by 23 cents, after Facebook fixed the offering price at $38 per share on Thursday night. The Facebook IPO was quite a popular topic on Twitter and other social networks. According to a study by Topsy, there were more than 4,00,000 tweets on Twitter about Facebook IPO in the last few days.

Check out 11 Funny Reactions from around the web To Facebook IPO:

funny twitter reaction facebook ipo

19 May

Easylaw.in – Online Legal & Business Services Portal For Everyone



Easylaw.in is a New Delhi based startup that provides easily accessible legal & business services to individuals and businesses. The startup was founded by group of lawyers & entrepreneurs with a vision to provide customers with a simple & affordable online legal & business services platform so that users can create their own documents & order services from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the major services include registration of marriage, cover document drafting services, legal risk assessment reports, private limited company/LLP registration, court marriages, DIN/DSC applications and many others.


The cost of services is also very low with new document drafting service at a fees structure of only INR 500 per hour, that puts more than 60 personal & business documents within reach of the clients.

My Take:
Personally, I would rather prefer doing all the legal things and formalities offline but yes it’s a great service for all the people who are busy in their lives and are looking for any professional and affordable legal & business information and services from the comfort of their homes.

Do visit Easylaw.in and share your thoughts about it in comments.