17 May

Who Owns Facebook?

owner owns facebook


Facebook is expected to start Nasdaq trading this week in what could be the largest-ever Internet IPO ( Initial Public Offering ) to value it at more than $100 billion. Reuters put an interesting visualization which shows Facebook stakes and in the event if Facebook’s IPO valuation stands at $100 billion, this percentage stake translates as units of billion dollars.

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Mark Zuckerberg with 28.4% stake in Facebook will become one of the top ten wealthiest Americans after the IPO. And a long list of Facebook employees, Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and venture capital firms with stakes in Facebook also stands to make more millions and billions.

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owner owns facebook

According to a report on USA Today, Facebook IPO could add an additional $2 billion into state’s treasury by 2013, mostly for personal income taxes. Real estate prices near Facebook’s headquarters are also rising.

But the billion dollar question is how much effective are Facebook ads after GM pulls advertising from Facebook? Because you can’t survive for very long without a good revenue model.

17 May

22 Killer Ideas To Create Compelling Content ( Infographic )


Creating compelling content regularly for your website or blog is not an easy task. Sometimes, you might face the situation called Writer’s Block where you run out of the ideas to write great content. And if you content is not good enough, readers won’t take more than few seconds to move onto the next website. But don’t panic.

Check out this Infographic from Copyblogger to find out 22 Brilliant Ideas on how to write compelling content when you have no clue. The graphic was made by BlueGlass infographic team.


22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

16 May

Top 5 Tools/Extensions To Expand Shortened URLs



URL Expanders are a great tool which helps you to avoid clicking malicious links. There are so many URL shorteners these days that spammers can easily target users to click on their spammy links. But with the help of following tools/extensions, you can easily avoid malicious and spammy links.



1) LongURL

LongURL expands the short URL to Long/Original URL and also shows the Title of the page. It is one of the most popular URL expander  tool.

2) Where Does This Link Go?

Where Does This Link Go? is a minimalist design tool which finds out the destination of the short URL. But it doesn’t show any other information.

For Google Chrome Users:

3) LongURL

LongURL replaces shortened links on any page to Page Title or long URL using LongURL API! You can also try LinkPeelr which shows the original URL when you hover the mouse on any shortened link.

4) Miniscurl Universal URL Shortener/Expander Extension

This Google Chrome Extension expand shortened URLs and also helps to shorten URLs with just one click from any shortening service of your choice.


7 Best URL Shorteners of 2012 And Their Benefits

For Firefox Users:

5) Long URL Please

This Firefox Addon works great by transparently replacing any of short links to long URL or page title.


15 May

Top 8 Free iPhone Apps For Social Media/Technology News


Check out the list of Top 8 Free iPhone Apps to stay updated with Social Media and Technology News.

mashable iphone app

1) Mashable

When we talk about Social Media, we can’t miss Mashable. Now get all the latest tech and social media news, web apps and detailed insights from the house of Mashable on the go.

2) Storyful

The Storyful iPhone app helps you separate the compelling news from the noise and lets you find trending on social platforms such as Twitter & YouTube.
Check out the Storyful website too.

3) The Next Web

TheNextWeb is a great source for technology & social news, business and culture.

The app provides a customizable home screen that lets you select just the channels, editions & regional blogs, just like the main website.

crave iphone app

4) Crave from CNET UK

The Crave app brings you the latest technology news, gadget news, photo galleries, social media updates, videos & podcasts from CNET UK, and covers everything from the latest mobile phones and tablets to amazing robots, handy apps & compelling Internet trends.

5) Tech News Tube

Tech News Tube aggregates the news from more than 30 media sources including Ars Technica, Mashable, Digg, Engadget, GigaOm, CNET, Tech Crunch, Slashdot, Techmeme,Business Insider, PC World, Wired & numerous others.

6) Alltop- Social Media

Alltop- Social Media app helps you to Stay up to date with popular topics on Social Media and marketing.

7) GeekWire

GeekWire is an amazing website for technology news. Now stay updated with this app, with capability to read news offline & share tthe news in multiple ways.

8 ) Technology Review

Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology which is published by MIT since 1899.

Apart from these, do you know any other good app for social media & technology news.

Share in comments.


14 May

Resumonk – Create Amazing Professional Looking Resumes In Minutes



Creating resume from scratch can be a mess if you don’t have any format and it can take hell of a time. Resumonk solves this problem by helping you create professional looking and beautiful resumes in minutes. All you need to do is fill in your details and it will handle the job of formatting and converting the resume in PDF format. There are many templates to choose from while creating your resume.


The service is free to use for basic features and if you want to import your LinkedIn profile, detailed analytics and more templates – you will have to go pro for $9.99 (one-time payment).

Here are some of the Features of Resumonk:
– Intuitive & easy-to-use interface
– Professional, beautiful & modern resume templates
– Easily share your resume online or download it as PDF
– Create & manage multiple resumes effortlessly
– One-click LinkedIn import
– Complete date-wise & location-wise analytics

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Though there are many tools available online to create resumes, but Resumonk because of its simplicity and easy to use interface really stand out when you’re looking to create simple and professional looking resumes in quick time.

Do check it out and share your thoughts in comments.

13 May

Facebook Updates: App Store, File Sharing, Highlighted Posts, And Policies

facebook app center


facebook app center

Facebook Introduces App Center

Facebook announced in its blog that it is working on its own app center which will give developers more ways to grow their apps & creates opportunities to be successful. The app center would be similar like Apple’s App Store or Google Play and users would be able to find great apps very easily. The app center would be accessible on the web and in the iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks.
It will also allow developers to publish paid Facebook apps for the first time.

Facebook is rolling out File Sharing for groups

According to a report on Mashable, all Groups on Facebook will now offer the ability to send and share files. Initially the update is rolled out to few groups but will be rolled out to all the groups very soon.
Users would be able to upload files up to 25 MB of all file types except music files and executable files.

Facebook rolled out ‘Facebook Terms and Policies Hub”

Now read the aggregated terms and policies of Facebook under one roof.

As Facebook explained “Everything you need to know, all in one place.” Check out facebook.com/policies.

Facebook is testing Paid ‘Highlighted Posts’

Facebook is testing a new feature called ‘Highlighted Posts’ targeted at the end users by which your statuses updates will reach more of your friends. The fee for using Highlighted Posts, starts from zero to “a couple of US dollars.”
Read the full report here.

Facebook Messenger Reveal Locations and Introduces Read Receipts

Facebook is rolling out a new feature – read confirmations(read receipts), that will allow Facebook users to know when someone’s read their message. Another feature that has been added is that Facebook Messenger would now reveal the location of the sender if the location feature has been enabled by the Facebook user. Both the updates will arrive initially for mobiles, & then later on will be added to the web interface as well.
It is a big alarming bell for some users who like to keep things private.

13 May

How Social Media Activity Impacts Organic Search Rankings ( Infographic )

impact of social media on search


Is Social Media a critical component of effective SEO? Can it impact your organic search rankings?
TastyPlacement, a web design and SEO company conducted a test to find out the impact of social media on search rankings. Just for the test, they created 6 websites in the same niche in 6 similar sized US cities. Five websites were promoted using different social media platforms and 6th site was not promoted on any social media site.

And with no surprise, the site promoted using Google+ saw the biggest increase in Google organic search rankings.
Do you think Google is favoring impact of Google+ in search rankings?
Check out this Infographic:


impact of social media on search

12 May

Top 5 Tools To Search/Browse Twitter By Hashtag

twitter hashtags


What is a Twitter Hashtag?

The # symbol, is called a hashtag, which is used to describe keywords or topics in a Tweet. People on Twitter use the hashtag before relevant keywords/phrases (without spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets & help them show more easily in Twitter Search. When you add a hashtag symbol # to your tweets, your tweets can be seen by anyone via hashtag search and not just the people who follow you. So, a hashtag is an amazing way to increase your Tweet visibility.

twitter hashtags

Check out these 5 Tools To Search/Browse Twitter By Hashtag or Find the Best Hashtags to include in your Tweets:

1) Tagdef

With Tagdef, discover what different hashtags on Twitter really mean, & add your own definitions to Hashtags in seconds.
You can also search Popular, Trending, New, Top This Week and Popular Hashtags on this website.

2) Hashtags.org

Hashtags.org offers an amazing interface to search/browse for hashtags & their trending popularity. For example, if you search #seo hashtag, Hashtags.org will display the times of day & days of the week graphically. Apart from that, you can see latest tweets that include #seo hashtag.

3) Twubs

Twubs are the Twitter groups built around content aggregated from #hashtags. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people as hashtags are grouped into categories such as movies, technology, Internet, politics and many more.

4) TrendsMap

Trendsmap shows the latest trends, hashtags and tweets around the world on a map.

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5) Wthashtag.com

Wthashtag or “What the Trend” helps you find out insights on what’s trending on Twitter and why. You can also find out trending topics in a particular location of the world.

Also check out Twitter Official Guide and resources for Hashtags.

10 May

Best Alternative To Yet Another Related Posts – Efficient Related Posts Plugin

efficient related posts plugin


Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) is a great WordPress Plugin that displays a list of related posts and/or pages on your site & feeds based on a unique algorithm. I was using this plugin for a very long time until I came to know about Efficient Related Posts Plugin.
Actually, most of the current related post plugins such as YARPP build the list of related posts on the fly whenever a post or page is loaded which consumes lot of resources, wastes CPU cycles, and ultimately increases your page load time.

related posts plugin

Efficient Related Posts Plugin fixes that issue by creating/updating database of related posts only when a post is created/updated.
This means that if the query is slow ( which happens less often), it is the post writer that will have to wait rather than the user.

I started using Efficient Related Posts Plugin few days back and I clearly noticed decrease in page load time on my website.
Now talking about Algorithm, I still feel that YARPP has a much better algorithm than Efficient Related Posts Plugin. But as it can reduce the page load time and speed up your processes, it’s worth giving a try.

10 May

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Amazing YouTube Experience

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform where you can find videos related to almost everything. But there are some features that are missing in YouTube and it is full of annoying ads. Check out these Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Amazing YouTube Experience:

google chrome youtube extensions


1) Magic Actions for YouTube™

Magic Actions for YouTube is an awesome extension for Youtube! Sexy Backlight, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Automatic replay Button, Cinema Experience where the entire page will be dark except video, Auto Wide, Hide Annotations and many more features!
This extension also supports embedded YouTube videos on Facebook, and other sites.

2) Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights will fade the entire page to dark, so you can watch the video as if you are in the cinema. Similar feature is also present in Magic Actions for YouTube.

3) YouTube Options for Google Chrome™

With YouTube Options for Google Chrome™, you can disable all the annoying things in YouTube & other video sites such as disable ads, annotations, & auto-play; change resolution, optional flash pre-buffering, display size,etc.

4) Lyrics for YouTube™

Lyrics for YouTube™ display the lyrics of any song on YouTube. This extension only works on YouTube videos. Just click on the extension’s icon & the lyrics of the song will magically appear right next to the video.

5) Youtube Thumbs

YouTube Thumbs will animate YouTube thumbs on mouseover so that you can check whether a video is interesting or not. Amazing extension.

6) Search on YouTube

With Search on YouTube, you can easily search for YouTube videos related to the webpage you are looking at. Search trailers, music videos in a couple of clicks!

7) YouTube Feed

YouTube Feed notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube Homepage Feed. It shows videos that your subscriptions or friends have uploaded, liked, Favorited, commented on, etc.

8 ) Stop Autoplay for YouTube

Stop Autoplay for YouTube will not play any YouTube videos automatically until you click the play button. But it allows pre-buffering.

9) Skip ads on YouTube

Skip ads on YouTube will add a button on the YouTube videos with which you can skip the current advertisements & start the main video.

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10) YouTube™ Ratings Preview

YouTube™ Ratings Preview Shows the likes & dislikes bar over every video thumbnail in YouTube so that you can find out its rating before watching it.

09 May

iPhone or Android – Which Came First? [ Infographic ]

iPhone or Android - Which Came First


Everyone believes that the Apple iPhone really came before the first Android phone, but is it really true?
Check out this Infographic by Infographic Labs which shows the history of both iPhone and Android in a timeline and draw your own conclusions about which came first – iPhone or Android?

iPhone or Android - Which Came First