30 Jan

The 5 Minute Guide To Getting A Job In Social Media [Infographic]

How To Get a Job in Social Media

Social Media is the new hot space for job seekers. As more and more employment opportunities are coming up in this space, many of us are trying to figure out how to get a foot in the door. Social Media is more than just updating various social media profiles of the company. It is about connecting with customers, building relationships, increase sales, customer services and much more. Check this simple checklist guide by Mindflash.com to prepare yourself for Social Media jobs.

How To Get a Job in Social Media

23 Jan

Mark Zuckerberg’s Thoughts on New Facebook Graph Search [COMIC]

Mark Zuckerberg on New Facebook Graph Search

Joy of Tech presents deep insights into the mind of Mark Zuckerberg and how he feels about graph search and privacy issues on Facebook. Check it out.

Mark Zuckerberg on New Facebook Graph Search

Users' Reaction on New Facebook Graph Search

17 Jan

Apple Final Cut Pro X Certification Exam

Apple Final Cut Pro X Certification

Apple’s associate level certification program includes several product specific certification exams, and among them is the Final Cut Pro X exam (9L0-809 – Associate Level). The Final Cut Pro X exam is also offered at the Professional certification level as the 9L0-809 – Pro Level One. Those who wish to validate their entry level skills and knowledge with the program can do so by successfully passing the associate level exam, while those interested in documenting their more advanced understanding of the platform will want to take the pro level one exam instead.

Apple Final Cut Pro X Certification

Associate level 9L0-809 candidates should possess prior knowledge of Mac operating systems and software, including experience utilizing navigation tools in these environments. You should additionally have a basic understanding of editing, operating and outputting projects utilizing Final Cut Pro. Some knowledge of the editing process and the associated terminology is required for success on the Apple 9L0-809 exam as well.

The specific subject matter covered on the Apple 9L0-809 exam can be found in the Apple exam guide. Just a few of the tasks you’ll be required to demonstrate your ability to complete include:

• Editing of simple projects
• Importing and management of media
• Application of templates for effects
• Adjust color and other features
• Successfully output finished projects

The Final Cut Pro X associate level exam is best undertaken by entry level IT professionals and students who are looking for formalize their credentials prior to graduation and seeking their first full time position. The Final Cut Pro X professional level one exam is for more experienced IT professionals and can be pursued later in your career. No matter which of these tests you decide to complete, you’ll want to stage yourself well for success by utilizing Apple training and self study materials, as well as other resources, like the tutorials and practice certification exams offered by TestsLive.com, for example.

It is a very useful certification if you’re looking to build a strong resume and a successful career in the IT world.

10 Jan

15 Best Sites To Download Free eBooks

Download Free Ebooks

Books are the source of rich and knowledgeable information. As they say,”There is no friend as loyal as a book”. It is true. Books can be your companion and at the same time, your teacher. And with the help of Digitized world, now you can keep all your favorite books in your pocket with the help of your smart device.
An electronic book (known as e-book, or Ebook, or digital book) is a text & image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, & readable on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other digital devices. Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. E-books are usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices such as Amazon Kindle but you can also read Ebooks on personal computers and selected mobile phones. Here is a list of 15 Best sites to download free Ebooks.

Download Free Ebooks

1) FreeBookSpot: Huge collection of free Ebooks online. You can find free Ebooks on all kinds of topics such as computers, architecture, novels, church, chemistry, economics and much more.

2) HundredZeros: Founded by Amit Agarwal, this website lists frequently updated catalog of best-sellers that are free on Amazon. You can also download and read Kindle ebooks on your desktop, tablet, or the browser.

3) Free Ebooks: Amazing source for free ebook downloads, ebook authors, free magazines and ebook resources. You can also submit your own ebook on this website.

Free Registration is necessary to download Ebooks.

4) ManyBooks: There are more than 20,000 Ebooks to download for free on this website. You can browse the site for popular titles and personalized recommendations. Regularly updated too.

5) Get Free Ebooks: Download Ebooks on all kinds of categories for free. With no charge at all.

6) Free Computer Books: Online source for free Computer, Programming, Technology, Mathematics, Lecture Notes and Tutorials. Browse website by topics, with 12 main categories, and over 150 sub-categories.

7) FreeTechBooks: Another great source to download computer and tech books.

8) Scribd: Scribd is a online document sharing website where you can download Ebooks, presentations, research papers and much more.

9) Bookyards: A website where which eBooks, education materials, research papers, information, and content is free to anyone who has an internet connection.

10) Memoware: Huge collection documents (databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.).

Other Free EBook Resources

11) Obooks

12) Snipfiles

13) Adobe Free eBooks – Download, unlock, and read electronic books on your desktop or reading device.

14) WikiBooks: Free source of educational textbooks that you can even edit.

15) Dailylit: Read books daily online by email & RSS feed.

10 Jan

5 Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

One of the most used feature of a smartphone is its Email functionality. You can stay updated with your Emails on the go with the help of your iPhone. The default in-built Email app for iPhone works great and supports almost all Email providers with multiple accounts functionality. But there are many alternatives to this in-built email client that offer better experience and great features. Below I’ve shared a list of 5 alternative email apps for iPhone that will enhance your mobile email experience.

Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

1) Mailbox for iPhone: One of the best designed Email client for iPhone with powerful features. The app is yet to be launched but the demo video shows it all. The app turns mobile email inbox into a to-do list. Email would never be that much fun as you can do with this application.

2) Sparrow: Sparrow is another beautiful iPhone mail client designed with love to give you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.
It comes with pane navigation, new threading system and many new features.
Price: $2.99

3) Go Daddy Domain and Email Manager: The Email Manager from GoDaddy allows you to register & manage domains with DNS Control, Nameserver management, Forwarding and renewal.You can also send and receive Go Daddy email in this Mobile Workspace mail client.
Price: Free

4) iMailG for Gmail and Google Apps iMailG is a full featured iphone app tailored for Gmail. It includes exciting features such as password protection, Google apps, Custom Apps Domain Support and much more.
Price: Free

5) Yahoo: Get all the features of yahoo including mail, news, photos, weather, etc. in this Email client for iPhone.
Price: Free

More Alternative Email Apps for iPhone:

6) Gmail from Google: The official Gmail app for iPhone from Google. It is fast, beautiful and supports multiple accounts.
Price: Free

7) Group Email! Mail Client with Attachments Group Email! is a Email client to read, manage & send emails with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to selected contacts or to distribution lists. You can even attach videos, photos, emails, documents, audio clips, and much more easily.
Price: $7.99

8) mailPro mailPro is a Hotmail, MSN and Windows Live account manager with all the features to stay updates with your email.

08 Jan

How To Hide Your IP Address And Surf Using Proxy Address

Hide IP

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical number assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer, modem,etc.) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

Wherever you surf web, your IP goes with you. It is like you telephone number & each internet connection have a different IP. So, whenever you visit a website- the administrator of that website knows that someone from this IP address visits my website. Whenever a website administrator blocks anyone, they block the IP address, which means no one from that specific IP address would be able to visit that website.
Sometimes, some videos or websites may not be available in your region or country. This is done by blocking all IP addresses of a particular country or region.
In offices also, Facebook and Twitter are blocked using the IP address.
But by using a proxy IP address, you can visit these websites. Or if you want to surf anonymously without revealing your IP address, you can use various tools available on the internet. Below is the list of extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Hide IP Address.

Hide IP

Best Hide IP Google Chrome Extensions

1) Proxy Switchy!: The most popular Google chrome extension to hide your IP. Easily switch and manage between multiple proxies quickly and easily.
2) Hide My Proxy: Easily Surf anonymously and from a different proxy server on the internet.
3) Hide My Ass! Web Proxy: Another popular extension to hide your IP address. By using this extension, you can surf the websites anonymously. You can even hide and change your IP address (your ‘online fingerprint’).
4) Stealthy: Stealthy allows you to instantaneously get and setup a working proxy from a click of a button.

Hide IP on Mozilla Firefox

1) Hide My Ass! Web Proxy: Hide My Ass! operates the most popular browser based web proxy online that allows you to surf anonymously. This is the official extension that enables you to easily redirect your web traffic through our anonymous proxy network.

2) Stealthy
: If your country/organization block you from using facebook, youtube or others, then Stealthy is the solution for you.

See Also: Top 10 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

All the extensions or addons listed above are free and safe to use. Now you can enjoy internet anonymously without revealing your identity. If you have any problem using these extensions, please let me know in comments.

08 Jan

Convert PDF To Word Free Online – 5 Best Tools

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a adobe file format used to represent documents. Each PDF file contains a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, & other information needed to display it. PDF files are one of the most used format in the corporate world today. In it’s default format, you can’t copy or edit a PDF file, which, sometimes, makes it difficult for the professionals. But there are many free tools available on the internet which allows you to instantly convert PDF to Microsoft word files. Below it the list of Top 5 Tools to convert PDF files to Word files online for free:

Convert PDF To Word

1) PDF To Word Online Convertor:

The best free tool available online to convert PDF to word files. It’s 100% free and you don’t need to give any Email address to convert your files. Just upload the PDF, convert it and download the word file. The result is 90-100% accurate.

2) PDFtoWord:

Another good tool but it requires you to give Email address and converted file will be sent to your Email.

3) Hello PDF

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is a powerful windows conversion tool to convert Adobe PDF file to Microsoft Word Doc file – and it’s totally for FREE! It preserves the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word Document.

4) Zamzar

One of the best tool available on the internet to convert PDF to word or any kind of file to any other kind of file.

5) Cogniview

Another free windows software to convert PDF to Excel, word, or CSV.

6) Free Online PDF Converter: Free, fast and easy PDF converter. You can unlimited number of conversions.

So, which one is your favorite tool?

08 Jan

How Many Google Adsense Units Are Allowed Per Page?

If you’re using Google Adsense on your website, then you must be wondering how many adsense units are allowed per page?
Yes, Google clearly states the maximum number of ad units that are allowed per page and if you use more units than that, then Google can ban your account anytime on the basis of violating their TOS.
Google has given specific adsense guidelines which clearly states not to use more units than the maximum number of adsense units allowed per page.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense For Content – AdSense publishers are allowed to place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. This includes a maximum of one 300×600 ad unit per page. Rest of the adsense unit sizes can be placed more than one time but not more than 3 times.

Link Units – You’re also allowed to place a maximum of three link units per webpage.

Adsense for search – Only two search forms are allowed per page.

Maximum Google Adsense Units Per Page– Thus in total, you may place up to three link units on a page, in addition to the three standard ad units, and two search boxes.

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Placing more than the maximum units is clearly going against the terms of service, even if you didn’t know and can attracts a ban on your adsense account.

07 Jan

How to Test your Eye Sight Online

Eye Testing Chart

They say you should test your eyes every year but given the busy schedule of professionals these days, it is hard to find time, even for a doctor. But there are various eye tests available on the internet where you can easily test you eye sight. Though, they can’t replace the real doctor but still it can give you a fair idea about the vision of your eyes. Below is the list of tools to test your eyes:

1) ThinkQuest

You need computer monitors that are either 15”, 17” or 19” in size to work it perfectly. Stand four feet from the computer screen & then follow the on-screen instructions. When you can no longer read the alphabets, press the stop button and it will display your visual acuity.

Eye Testing Chart

2) Snellen Chart

One of the easiest method to test your eye sight. Snellen Chart has rows of alphabets of different sizes – you read these letters from a distance, usually 20 feet, & the smallest row that you can recognize accurately indicates whether you have normal vision or not.

The various eye testing tools that are available online make use of the same Snellen chart.

3) Intereactive Visual Acuity Chart

Measure the length of the line on the computer screen (that depends on your screen resolution). Then Measure the distance between the monitor and the person to be tested. Now read the row of letters on your screen to test your eyes.

4) Eye Exam Online

Another great eye test online. There are total of 10 exams to give you a clear description of your eye tests.

5) Free Vision Tests

Take eye color tests, vision tests, optical illusion tests and much more on this site. In color tests, Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates are used by eye specialists to get an idea of one’s color efficiency or deficiency. This test uses twelve plates to test your eyes for color deficiencies.

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