15 Feb

Top Tips for SEO Video Strategy

If the back end of 2012 has taught us anything, it’s that infographics and videos are going to be huge in 2013. Visit just about any website these days and you’re likely to find images, videos or, as is most likely, both. Marketers with an eye on the ball will already know that the increased popularity of video is a great opportunity to achieve increased brand visibility, providing your SEO video strategy is implemented properly and in good time.

Video SEO

So here are some great tips for planning and implementing a great SEO video strategy:

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Videos, as with all other types of online content, involve the use of keywords which can be found in meta tags and alt attributes as well as in descriptions, link texts and URLs. All of these things can be optimised to attract visitors and increase conversion, providing your choice of keywords is appropriate for your brand and not too saturated already.

Use Social Media to Network Your Content

Uploading videos to your website is great, but won’t attract visitors unless you tell people that they’re there. Use social media networks to draw attention to your videos, and make use of other video sharing sites – such as YouTube – to post teasers and trailers of your amazing content. This will not only give your intended audience a reason to visit your site, it will give them a forum in which they can discuss your brand. Sites like YouTube draw visitors from all countries, so it will give your international SEO a boost too.

Optimize Your Links and Sharing Methods

Sharing your own content will attract some visitors but the best kind of digital marketing is organic, so make your content as relevant and interesting as possible to encourage your viewers to share it themselves. Embedding links into the content or description of your media will ensure that wherever your content goes, they will go too.

Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines

If you want your videos to be ranked well, here are some handy hints for implementing good SEO practice before uploading:
– Name your media properly with an emphasis on keywords.
– Choose where your video will be submitted, and at what time. There are plenty of great online resources which can give you advice on what social network is seeing the most conversions at which time of day.
– If you’re publishing the video on your own blog or website, make sure the web page it will go on is fully optimized before release.
– Create a separate video site map which can be submitted to search engines.
– Link your video back to one author profile which will be responsible for the production of your company’s media content, and ensure this profile is fully optimized across all major social networks.

So, there are lots of ways in which you can use SEO to optimize your media rich content, but the best one of all is to ensure that content is both relevant and interesting. There’s nothing more likely to create brand buzz than a video which can capture your audience’s attention, and keep it.

08 Feb

Participate in Google Mapathon 2013 and Win Android Phones, Tablets and more!

Google India has launched a mapping competition, “Mapathon 2013”, for the first time in India. The contest will begin on Feb 12, 2013 and will end on March 25, 2013. The top 1000 contestants decided by maximum number of published edits will receive cool prizes such as Android tablets, phones, T-shirts, Flipkart Gift vouchers, and much more.

What is Google Mapathon?

Google Mapathon is a mapping competition to improve the Google maps. Go to Google Map Maker and add or update the details in the Google Maps. The aim is to make Google Maps more helpful to users by adding information such as nearby Hospitals, Restaurants, Banks and more. All the edits will be verified before being published on the Google maps.

Google Mapathon 2013 India

Map your world with Google Map Maker

How to Add a Place on Google Map Maker

Users can also add new websites, or update data of existing sites on the Google Maps. As Google said in a blog post, “Make India maps even better! You can co-create with Google, the best maps experience for millions of users and help us make maps for India even better.”

This is the first time such a competition is being launched in India. I’m sure it will help make Google Maps more useful for users.

How To Participate?

Visit Google Mapathon 2013 to participate in the competition. The contest is open to just about anybody who lives in India.