22 Apr

My Dream Business To Change Things Around Us

At some point in the life, every one dreams of being a successful entrepreneur and so do I. Being an entrepreneur is not just about running a business and earning profits, it is about building something that will disrupt and change things around you. It is not just about money, it is about building a better future for your upcoming generation. And this can only be done by understanding the gap between the demands & supply in a society and closing that gap with the right products.

My Dream Business:

Internet is the future of communication. Although it has become a crucial part of many people around the world but still 2/3rd of the world’s population has no access to internet. And out of those who have the access, only 1/5th are using on regular basis. And there lies an opportunity. According to various surveys, by 2025, developing countries around the world will account for more than half of the world wide web economy. So, this is the right time to work on technologies that will shape the internet of tomorrow.
We, three friends, want to start a “Web and Mobile Development Company“. With the diverse background of each of us, it is great combination to fill the different roles in our new company.

Some of the services we would be providing:
– Website Development
– Mobile Applications(Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.) Development
– Internet Marketing Consultancy(Social Media, SEO, SEM), etc.

Another market that is going to evolve and completely change the dynamics of communication is Mobile space. From social interactions to purchasing products, customers are moving their entire life to mobile space. Even if your main business is on the web, you can’t ignore the mobile strategy. In some countries, android activations are more than the babies born in a day. Even if you compare the time spent on web and mobile, mobile leads the space here also.
So, apart from providing consultancy and development services to others, another aspect of our business would be to build mobile applications to make things better around us. Especially in India, popular mobile applications are only limited to Social networking or messenger apps, so there lies an big opportunity to build apps in the field of Education, Shopping, and business.

How We Will Use Office 365 in our Business:

Office 365 is a subscription-based service by Microsoft which provides access to various services that are built around the MS Office platform. It is a successor to the Microsoft’s Business Online Productivity Suite, and it includes cloud versions of Lync, Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Web Apps, along with the access to the Microsoft Office.

Office 365

By subscribing to the Office 365, we can stay connected to our employees 24*7 no matter where we are.
Check out some of the work that we would be able to do with the help of Office 365 without any hassles:

– Save and Share files in the cloud easily.
– Arrange online meetings and share PowerPoint slides, Word Files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. instantly.
– Use Microsoft Office web application at any place. All we need is Internet.
– With the SharePoint cross devices availability, we can share date with all the employees instantly as all the setup is done virtually.
– With Lync Online, we can get real time information — including statuses, photos, location and improved instant messaging (IM) to connect efficiently & effectively.

Services such as SharePoint or Lync Online are also available as a standalone service from Microsoft Office 365 or can be purchased as part of an Office 365 for enterprises suite that includes SharePoint, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Lync Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Overall, Office 365 is a great product from Microsoft to transform the work and make it hassle-free with the help of cloud computing.

10 Apr

How To Manage Payroll from your Mobile [Best App]

If you’re running a small or medium sized business, one of the most important tasks is to manage your employees’ every payday easily with all the access on the go. For any payroll service provider, it is crucial that it offers mobile payroll allowing you access it and make changes remotely. There are many applications and software available to fill in this gap, but the best one I’ve come across is Intuit Payroll Apps.

Intuit is among the largest payroll processing service providers in the United States and handles paychecks for over 1 million employees. The best thing about Intuit is that it also offers mobile payroll services, which means you can manage your business wherever you go, whether you are on mobile or the web. Intuit Online Payroll Mobile application is available for both Apple iPhone OS and Android OS. The mobile app automatically syncs with your Intuit Payroll account and allows you to preview and create paychecks, enter/edit work hours for employees, pay employees or contractors with direct deposit or cheque, view all the reports and information, E-pay taxes and E-file forms in all states, etc.

Mobile Payroll

The application allows employers to get a detailed view of all the information associated with their Intuit payroll account. All the transactions, reports and information is protected with a bank level encryption security to safeguard your data. The app also provides a free telephone support.

The Intuit Online Payroll application supports Intuit Online Payroll, Intuit Full Service Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks for Mac Payroll, & Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals.
The application is free to download on both iOS and Android.

Personally, I found this application very useful as you can manage your employees’ payroll from anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is a internet connection to access this application. Now better understand & keep a track of all the forms & filings necessary for your employees. Do give this application a try.

09 Apr

Five Things To Consider Before Buying Mobile Phones in India

So you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, but confused with vast range of Mobile phones in India available these days.
And every other day, a new phone is launching to make your choice even harder. There is more than just price to consider while buying mobile phones in India.

Well, check out these five things you should consider to make your choice easy and better.

1) Brand Name Matters: Indian market is a growing mobile market. In the last year or two, many new small companies have launched in the mobile arena. These companies, though, do offer tons of features at a very low price but still products are not durable and reliable. In a short span of time, you would start experiencing lots of problems in the phone. So, you should always go with reputed brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Mobile Phones in India

2) Camera: Mobile phones are no longer used to make/receive calls only. It is like a small digital camera in your pocket. If you intend to take good quality pictures with your mobile phone, you will definitely look for a phone with a very good camera. 5 MP camera is now the standard in a mobile phone. There are many phones with 8 MP, 10 MP or even 12 MP camera also. But higher pixels doesn’t mean good pictures. So, you should always take few shots to test the camera of the phone you’re interested in.

3) Operating System: A Mobile Phone is incomplete without a good OS. Android and iOS are the two leading operating systems these days. The main reason being that both offers wide range of applications to download on your phone. Android OS is even available on budgeted phones unlike Apple iOS. I would advise you not to buy phones with any other OS if you want to explore mobile application world as all the other OS such as Nokia Symbian, Blackberry OS, Windows, etc. doesn’t offer many choices in the field of applications.

4) Speed and Battery Life: Speed and battery life are two other specifications which are important for your mobile phone. You won’t be able to enjoy much on a mobile phone with slow speed or less battery life. So, always check RAM, Processor and battery type before buying a mobile phone.

5) Design: A phone is incomplete without a good design. Your choices range from touchscreen phones to qwerty keyboards phones, etc. If you intend to buy touchscreen phones, always check the touch quality of that phone.

So, these are some of the things you should consider to make the right choice before buying mobile phones in India.