13 Mar

3 C’s Model of Successful Blogging

3 c's of blogging

3 c's of blogging

The 3C’s Model of Blogging, offers a strategic look at the factors needed to become a successful blogger.



You must have read it a lot that Content is King or write valuable content, it is no doubt the foremost rule for successful blogging. Seth Godin once quoted that,” Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”
If you are writing valuable content which help others to learn something or just helping others to feel better about the world, then you’re on the right course.
I believe people visits blogs mainly for two reasons – first one is learning and other one is for humor.
Learning is not just limited to searching for answers but has a wide scope. And Humor is also not just limited to making fun of others but also includes how to make people feel good about themselves.
And this should be the focus while writing blog posts.
Content marketing is something which is definitely going to become more important in the future.
Readers, Search Engines, Followers, etc. – Everybody just love original, creative and valuable content.


Communication is the basic building block to all human interaction whether it is verbal or non verbal.
If you are not able to communicate effectively, chances are that people won’t understand you or won’t be able to connect with you deeply.
So, it is very important that you improve your communication skills. One of the reason why some bloggers are very successful is due to their highly effective communication skills.
A blogger’s work is not over after writing the article. You should be able to promote your articles on various social sites and that depends on your communication skills.
Another aspect which can be covered in this point is that always have an opinion about whatever you’re writing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong. Nobody will read a blog that simply says everything is perfect. Your opinions are something which will make or break your blog.


There’s an old saying,”It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” You can never become a successful blogger if you’re not making connections on your way.
Relationships that you build with your friends, readers, clients, and other bloggers will help you to reach more vast audience.
New marketing is all about making connections.
It’s such a big world, you never know whom you can meet who can help you to change your life forever.
It doesn’t matter if only 20 people are visiting your blog, but what matters is – whether they are influencing people, or they are people with large buying power or they are the genuine followers of your blog.

These rules are not just limited to Blogging only but can be adopted in the business too.
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