10 Jan

5 Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

One of the most used feature of a smartphone is its Email functionality. You can stay updated with your Emails on the go with the help of your iPhone. The default in-built Email app for iPhone works great and supports almost all Email providers with multiple accounts functionality. But there are many alternatives to this in-built email client that offer better experience and great features. Below I’ve shared a list of 5 alternative email apps for iPhone that will enhance your mobile email experience.

Alternative Email Apps for iPhone

1) Mailbox for iPhone: One of the best designed Email client for iPhone with powerful features. The app is yet to be launched but the demo video shows it all. The app turns mobile email inbox into a to-do list. Email would never be that much fun as you can do with this application.

2) Sparrow: Sparrow is another beautiful iPhone mail client designed with love to give you with an efficient and pleasant mailing experience.
It comes with pane navigation, new threading system and many new features.
Price: $2.99

3) Go Daddy Domain and Email Manager: The Email Manager from GoDaddy allows you to register & manage domains with DNS Control, Nameserver management, Forwarding and renewal.You can also send and receive Go Daddy email in this Mobile Workspace mail client.
Price: Free

4) iMailG for Gmail and Google Apps iMailG is a full featured iphone app tailored for Gmail. It includes exciting features such as password protection, Google apps, Custom Apps Domain Support and much more.
Price: Free

5) Yahoo: Get all the features of yahoo including mail, news, photos, weather, etc. in this Email client for iPhone.
Price: Free

More Alternative Email Apps for iPhone:

6) Gmail from Google: The official Gmail app for iPhone from Google. It is fast, beautiful and supports multiple accounts.
Price: Free

7) Group Email! Mail Client with Attachments Group Email! is a Email client to read, manage & send emails with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to selected contacts or to distribution lists. You can even attach videos, photos, emails, documents, audio clips, and much more easily.
Price: $7.99

8) mailPro mailPro is a Hotmail, MSN and Windows Live account manager with all the features to stay updates with your email.