24 Apr

5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

facebook pages


It is always better to have 500 people who like your Facebook page and revisit your blog more often when your post something new than 2000 people who never visit your blog again. But getting engagement on Facebook pages is not easy these days.
Every user on Facebook has liked so many pages that it is very hard for your page to get noticed in their News feed. Facebook uses an algorithm – EdgeRank, to determine the importance of a status update. The more comments and likes a status update receives, the higher its EdgeRank. The higher its EdgeRank, the higher that update will be placed in news feeds of more people. This means getting comments, likes and shares should be the goal with your each status update.

facebook pages

So, today I’ll discuss five simple and effective tips to increase engagement on your Facebook Fan pages:

1) Post Variety of Content: If you are a regular Facebook user, you might be aware that funny pics and statuses gets the maximum number of likes and comments these days. There are so many pages on Facebook with more than 1 Lac likes which just post these rage comics, memes and other funny pictures.
So, provide a variety of content for your fans in different media like posts, photos, videos, & surveys and do it consistently. But remember to post content related to your niche only.
Also, don’t just limit yourself to sharing your blog posts, share valuable articles from other websites in your niche too.

2) Install the Top Fan App: This is not a new technique, but one of the best method to increase user engagement. People like to get rewarded. This app chooses the Top Fan based on number of likes, comments and shares.
You can also organize weekly giveaways and contests to drive more engagement from fans.

Install Top Fan AppĀ here.

3) Find The Best Time To Publish Your Posts: Timing is very important while sharing content on any social network. The best time to post on Facebook is normally early morning, evening and night when people are not very busy with their work. You can also use Google Analytics to find out at which time you’re getting more clicks from Facebook shares.

4) Facebook Posting Habits:
– Post breaking updates/news in real-time.
– Post content daily or on a regular basis.
– Ask questions at the end of posts. This will encourage engagement & feedback on your Facebook fanpage.
– Encourage others to like, comment or share your posts by using tactics such as “Like this Post If you ….”
– Ask Questions Using Facebook Questions.Every time a user answers, it will be shown in the news feed of all their friends which increases the chances for others to visit your page to answer the question.

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5) Participate in Conversations: Many brands are still doing mistake of not replying to comments. Always reply to comments on your posts. A recent research shows that 49.5% people said that if their questions on Facebook/Twitter went unanswered, they would no longer do business with the company. Participation in conversations will also encourage users to keep posting more comments.