15 Mar

A Complete Guide to Rich Snippets ( Infographic )


Snippets are the lines of additional information that appear near a Google Search Result. The “Rich Snippets” feature with the Google SERP makes that particular listing more attractive and results in higher CTR(Click-Through Rates).
Rich Snippets includes pictures of article authors next to search results, the feature which Google have added in June, 2011. It also includes reviews and ratings to the Google Search results in your snippets.

Rich snippets offer websites to stand out from the crowd in Search Results, enticing more clicks from the users. Authorship markup and Reviews Feature on the other hand, creates a feeling of trust and originality.

So, the combination of all these things will definitely draw an user’s attention to your relevant result and increase your CTR.

WordPress Plugins For Rich Snippets:

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– GD Star Ratings ( Download Here )

Rich Snippets Testing Tool:

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Let’s take a look at the recent Infographic by SeoMoz to learn more about “Rich Snippets”.

rich snippets guide