10 Aug

Apple bans Samsung from selling Galaxy tablet in EU [Update: Ban Lifted]


Apple won the legal battle of patent infringement battle against Samsung Electronics in which a German court temporarily banned the Korean Firm Samsung from selling its flagship Galaxy tablet in the European Union except the Netherlands.

apple samsung legal battle

A week earlier, Samsung could not even launch the Galaxy table in Australia due to the similar lawsuit.

Apple filed a case against Samsung saying that they have copied the iPhone and Ipad. The case has been filed in US, Australia and many other countries. Samsung has also countersued Apple on some other patents.

Samsung Galaxy is one of the biggest competitor for Apple Ipad. The decision of the court will definitely benefit the Apple to completely take over the market of tablets.

“We will challenge the decision of the court”, an official of the Samsung said.

Update: In a recent update on 17th Aug, 2011; the ban has been lifted by the German Court.

Samsung Inc released a statement, “We are looking forward to the opportunity to reassert our intellectual property rights at the hearing which is scheduled on August 25”. The hearing between the two tech giants will take place on Aug 25, 2011 in the German Court.