10 Mar

Apple New iPad vs. Galaxy Note 10.1: Samsung’s Comparison



Samsung recently sent an email to the press, sharing a grid that compares the Samsung’s new 10-inch Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with Apple’s new iPad.

Let’s take a look at the grid first:

The main focus of the grid is on Dual app & S-Pen features which are unique to the Galaxy Note 10.1. Of course, it also includes some other Samsung Galaxy 10.1 features such as it’s thinner & lighter than iPad,  USB port  and Micro SD Card slot features that are also missing in Apple iPad.

One of my friend who is an Apple fanatic wrote about this grid:

“It seems Samsung is only looking at the wrong side of the road. I’m also a tablet user. I don’t need to run two apps at the same time if I can run one awesome iOS app on such an awesome HD retina display screen. Talking about Apple Touch Screen, it is the best. And rest of the features are also the best. End of discussion. [ From a true Apple Lover 🙂 ]”

What do you think about this grid? Is this a good step by Samsung to show case such a comparison to promote their Galaxy Note 10.1?
Which one you’ll buy- Apple new iPad or Galaxy Note 10.1?