31 May

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy?

  There is no doubt that there is so much concern about the privacy issues related to Google, Facebook or any other major websites. But have you considered privacy issues related to your mobile phones? According to the app security company Veracode, there are 4 levels of risk related to mobile devices viz Application Layer, […]

24 May

Facebook Launches Stand Alone Camera App For iPhone

facebook camera app

  Facebook has launched a new stand-alone camera iPhone app to help its users to share photos faster & easier on the largest social network, the company announced in its blog today. Though Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but Facebook was building its own version of stand-alone photo sharing app even before its […]

17 Apr

Top 6 Best Meme/Rage Comics iPhone Apps


  Meme, by definition, means an idea, belief or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture, peers, information media, & entertainment media. You must have seen funny Memes such as Forever Alone, Rage Comics, Like a Boss and many more on the Internet these days which are spreading like wildfire across the web, using […]

06 Apr

5 Awesome Cross-Platform Messaging Apps To Send Unlimited Messages

  Sending Texts is an outdated fashion these days when there are so many great apps available to stay connected with your friends in a much faster and more interactive way. Let’s take a look at some of the best cross-platform messaging apps to send unlimited messages, photos, voice and video notes. All you need […]

02 Apr

Create Your Own Infographic From Your Social Media Activity

WhatAboutMe Amit chahar

  “What About Me?” is a new app by Intel with which you can create your own Infographic from your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Activity. The app create an awesome snapshot of your social media life, which is full of facts and clues about one of the most fascinating subjects in the world — YOU! […]