29 Jun

Learn SEO From Google’s Webmaster Academy ( Top 10 Videos )


Last month, Google launched a new resource for small businesses – Webmaster Academy. The main goal of this resource is to teach small businesses the basics of how Google search works, how to rank your content higher in search results and how to improve your site performance overall. Google has updated the resource with many […]

27 Jun

Learn SEO in 10 Minutes ( Official Google Video )

Google has released a new video titled, “SEO for startups in under 10 minutes”. Google says the video is great to watch if you are working on a company site that is under 50ish pages, or hope to rank well for your company name or just want to learn more about search engine and how […]

12 Jun

Top 7 Websites To Check Duplicate Content ( Plagiarism Checker )

Check duplicate content or Plagiarism checker

  “Content is the King” but it is very difficult these days to safeguard your content from being copied and used by other sites. We spend hours and hours of our time brainstorming that idea and writing down about it and someone steals out content without even giving us any credit. Plagiarism is a serious […]

09 Jun

Google Released Algorithm Changes For May

Penguin update tips

  Google released its big list of Algorithm changes for the month of May, 2012. This time Google made 39 changes to its algorithm. Key changes include improvements in the Penguin Algorithm to improve the signals & refresh the data used by the penguin algorithm. Apart from that, Google also introduced new sports features in […]

03 Jun

How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Website From Google

increase website traffic

  Today, I will share few tools to find out trending topics/keywords online and you can drive huge traffic to your website from Google by writing around those topics or keywords. 1) Google Trends Google Trends helps you to find out Top searched keywords of a particular region within a particular time frame. You can […]

17 May

22 Killer Ideas To Create Compelling Content ( Infographic )

  Creating compelling content regularly for your website or blog is not an easy task. Sometimes, you might face the situation called Writer’s Block where you run out of the ideas to write great content. And if you content is not good enough, readers won’t take more than few seconds to move onto the next website. […]

13 May

How Social Media Activity Impacts Organic Search Rankings ( Infographic )

impact of social media on search

  Is Social Media a critical component of effective SEO? Can it impact your organic search rankings? TastyPlacement, a web design and SEO company conducted a test to find out the impact of social media on search rankings. Just for the test, they created 6 websites in the same niche in 6 similar sized US […]

08 May

10 Tools To Find Out Everything About A Website

website analysis review know everything

  Do you want to check the performance of a website? Who is the owner of it? What is the speed of this website? How much popular is this site on social media networks? What are the traffic stats of this website? Check out these 10 Tools To Find Out Everything About A Website: 1) WooRank […]

08 May

How To Predict Future PageRank


  PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Search Engine Giant Google, that assigns a numerical weighting to each webpage on the Internet, with the basic purpose of “calculating” its relative importance. The higher the no. of quality backlinks to a webpage, the higher its PageRank, & the higher its rankings in Google’s search […]

29 Apr

20 Tips To Survive Google Panda or Penguin Updates

google penguin

  Google recently released a new update to their Webspam algorithm, called Penguin Update which is targeted on the websites that are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. Google has provided plenty of guidelines and elaboration on the quality guidelines in its help center. Here are Top 20 tips from Google Help Center itself to survive any Google Panda […]

27 Apr

How To Add Google Custom Search To Your Website

Google custom Search engine

  Google Custom Search Engine is the best option to create a customized search experience for your website. Though all the WordPress themes provide a default search engine box but why not have the most powerful search engine technology powering your search on your website? Here are some reasons why you should use Google Custom […]

26 Apr

3 Tips For Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success

off page optimization

  Getting the optimization of your website’s content (On Page Optimization) is only half the battle. Off Page Optimization is also equally important for your website to rank higher in search results. So today, I’ll discuss 3 tips for Off Page Optimization Techniques For SEO Success: 1) Link Building:  The most important part of Off […]