24 May

Facebook Launches Stand Alone Camera App For iPhone

facebook camera app

  Facebook has launched a new stand-alone camera iPhone app to help its users to share photos faster & easier on the largest social network, the company announced in its blog today. Though Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 billion, but Facebook was building its own version of stand-alone photo sharing app even before its […]

23 May

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads ( Infographic )

  Facebook released its IPO last week and there’s been a lot of debate about the performance of Facebook ads since then. Two days before IPO, GM pulled its advertising campaigns from Facebook, saying that their paid advertisements had very little effect on the customers. Though the social networking site is growing in popularity but […]

13 May

Facebook Updates: App Store, File Sharing, Highlighted Posts, And Policies

facebook app center

  Facebook Introduces App Center Facebook announced in its blog that it is working on its own app center which will give developers more ways to grow their apps & creates opportunities to be successful. The app center would be similar like Apple’s App Store or Google Play and users would be able to find great […]

07 May

8 Little Known Features of Facebook

facebook features

Facebook is leaving no stones unturned to stay as the leader in social networks by constantly adding new and exciting features. Check out these 8 Little Known(Hidden) Features of Facebook to take your experience to a new level: 1) Login With Your Username This is a great feature of Facebook which allows you to login using your username […]

24 Apr

5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

facebook pages

  It is always better to have 500 people who like your Facebook page and revisit your blog more often when your post something new than 2000 people who never visit your blog again. But getting engagement on Facebook pages is not easy these days. Every user on Facebook has liked so many pages that […]

12 Apr

How To Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline

  Facebook Timeline is one of the biggest changes to Facebook profiles since its inception. Many users like it, many users hate it. So, if you are among the haters of Timeline profiles – here’s the solution for you. Exoot Systems has released an Google Chrome plugin that removes timeline for profiles. It changes your […]

02 Apr

Create Your Own Infographic From Your Social Media Activity

WhatAboutMe Amit chahar

  “What About Me?” is a new app by Intel with which you can create your own Infographic from your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Activity. The app create an awesome snapshot of your social media life, which is full of facts and clues about one of the most fascinating subjects in the world — YOU! […]

02 Apr

Top 11 Resources To Get Cover Photo For Your Facebook Timeline

timeline cover photo

Facebook recently launched “Timeline” – Tell your life story with a new kind of profile. This new Timeline Profile gives users an opportunity to express themselves with a big cover photo behind your profile picture. The size of the cover photo is 851 by 315 pixels.   Let’s take a look at Top 11 Resources […]