31 Oct

Social Media Guide For Small Businesses

Social Media is the new revolutionary platform for businesses. It has completely transformed the way we connect with customers and generate new leads. There are so many social media sites these days that it gets confusing for businesses where to start with. Every social network is unique and important in its own way. So, it’s […]

18 Oct

Google Finally Launches ‘Disavow’ Bad Links Tool

Google Disavow Links Tool

Google has finally launched their own ‘Disavow’ Bad Links Tool. The tool allows you to remove bad inbound links that are harming your website’s rankings. That means, by adding bad incoming links in this tool – you are telling Google that you do not want these links to consider while deciding your site’s rankings in […]

24 Jul

Performance of Advertising on Google ( Infographic )

google ads

Have you ever noticed the sponsored results in Google search results that have been taking over most of the Google search results page. Wordstream has created an Infographic which is full of interesting data on Google’s PPC, clicks and on the performance of Google Ads in Search results. Clicks on paid search results outdo organic clicks by […]

23 May

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads ( Infographic )

  Facebook released its IPO last week and there’s been a lot of debate about the performance of Facebook ads since then. Two days before IPO, GM pulled its advertising campaigns from Facebook, saying that their paid advertisements had very little effect on the customers. Though the social networking site is growing in popularity but […]

25 Apr

Google Finally Launches Google Drive Cloud Storage Service

google drive

  After months of speculation, Google has officially launched Google Drive today. Google Drive is a cloud based storage like Dropbox which would allow users to store free data up to 5 GB on Google’s servers. Initially, the service is available for PC, Mac and Android devices and the support for iPhone & iPad would […]

11 Apr

Google+ rolls out new design similar to Facebook Timeline

google plus timeline

    Google today introduced a significant redesign for its social networking site Google+. The changes are very similar to Facebook Timeline. The company announced in a blog post that they are introducing a more functional & flexible version of Google+ with a much easier and nicer design. Some of the new features include bigger […]

04 Mar

Get Your Google Plus ID Card Now [ After Facebook ID Cards Service Blocked ]

facebook id card

Tobias Leingruber, a German artist, has started a website to create your own Facebook ID cards. The ID Card featured User profile photo, full name, username , profile ID, country of residence, gender & join date. The Facebook ID cards also include a QR code, so smartphone users can quickly scan & add your profile […]

22 Feb

Google Doodle celebrates Scientist Heinrich Hertz’s 155th Birthday

Google Doodle celebrates the 155th birthday of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (February 22, 1857 – January 1, 1894), a German physicist who clarified & expanded the electromagnetic theory of light that had been put forth by Maxwell. He was the first scientist to satisfactorily demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic waves by building an apparatus to produce […]