12 Mar

How To Customize Strong Passwords For Each Website

how to choose strong passwords

Choosing more secure passwords is very important to keep your identity safe on the internet. Choosing different password for different websites is also very important Here are some tips from security experts at Mozilla to help you choose strong, and easy-to-remember passwords. Step 1: Choose a phrase Start by picking up a phrase that is […]

19 Feb

Apple Posts Perfect Guide To ‘Getting Started Developing iOS Apps’

Have you always wanted to develop iOS apps? Now Apple will help you in that process with a new beautiful guide called “Start Developing iOS Apps Today“. The guide covers all the aspects of developing an iOS app starting from programming languages used, design of the app, and putting the app in the App store. […]

15 Feb

Use Sticky Notes For Your Browser and Desktop To Remember Things

Sticky Screen StickyScreen is a very simple and clean website where you can make yellow sticky notes to remember things to do and set it as your browser homepage. How It Works Visit the website at stickyscreen.org. Type anything you want to remember and set it as your browser homepage. And every time you will […]

12 Feb

How to Save Web Page/Online Articles in PDF Format

  Today I’m gonna share with you the best resources with the help of which you can save online articles or web pages in pdf format. 1) Websites: There are many websites with which you can convert web page URL into PDF format. Some of the best ones are: – web2pdfconvert.com – Pdfmyurl.com – http://joliprint.com/ […]

04 Feb

How To Take Custom Screen Capture in Windows

We all know that we can take the entire screen capture with the ‘PrintScr’ key on our keyboard. Press “Alt+PrintScr”, Open “MS Paint” and Press ” Ctrl + V” to paste the picture. But how to take custom screen capture in windows? FoxArc Screen Capture is a lightweight & very easy-to-use screen capture program for […]

03 Feb

How To Find Out If Your Email Has Been Read By The Recipient

  Now you can easily find out when your email has been read by the recipient! No more guessing: “Has he or she read my email yet?” SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the recipient opens your message. It works on Gmail , Yahoo Mail , […]

31 Jan

Top 13 Awesome Online Educational Resources

1)W3Schools: One of the best and largest site on the internet to learn all the web development skills. You can learn all the languages such as HTML, C, C++, Javascript, CSS, SQL and others. Whether you are a first time learner or the advanced learner, the site offers tutorials from the beginners level to the […]