25 Jul

How To Backup and Download Tweets From Twitter

Downloading all your Tweets and various conversations on Twitter can be really useful. You can save a backup of all your tweets which is really useful in case of accidental deletion of tweets, or account hijacking. Apart from that, do you know that Twitter only lets you see your most recent 3,200 tweets? So, it is always advisable to backup your Tweets regularly.

Check out Some of the Best Services To Backup and Download Tweets From Twitter:

Download tweets

1) TweetDownload

TweetDownload is a free service that allows users to retrieve and download a dump of all their Tweets, Direct messages, Tweets with replies/mentions and list of followers in a variety of different formats such as plain text format or CSV format or as a web page.
It also shows you the date and time of tweets.

2) Backuptweets

Backup all your tweets with this application and make your Twitter account permanent. It is a free service with additional features in the premium edition.

3) Tweetbackup

Another service to backup all your Tweets. The service is completely free.

4) Mytwebo

This service allows you to download Tweets from multiple users in PDF format.

5) The Archivist

The Archivist is a free service that lets you search Twitter for Tweets. You can also create an archive of your tweets, analyze, export & share the tweets. The service is developed by Microsoft’s MIX Online team.
It is also available as a desktop version for download here.

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6) TwitterSave

Download tweets based on keywords in CSV format. You can also download details of your Twitter followers.