02 Aug

Dropbox Confirms Hack, Upgrades Security

Dropbox Hacked

Dropbox, the Cloud Data Storage service confirmed that it has been hacked. Hackers used a stolen password to login to a Dropbox employee’s account & gain access to a file containing email addresses for users of the service.

Dropbox Hacked

It all started in mid-July when members of the Dropbox service noticed that they were receiving spam directed to email ac/s they only use to access Dropbox. As a result, users started making complaints on various forums and the company began the investigation.

Aditya Agarwalm, Dropbox VP of Engineering wrote in a blog post:

Dropbox Hack

Now the company confirmed that the security features has been upgraded such as automated mechanism to prevent such events in the future. Dropbox will also launch Two-Factor Authentication in the coming few weeks. Users are also advised to change their password.

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Here are Some Tips to Keep your Online Identity Safe:

– Do not use same password on all the websites.
– Use tools like 1Password to manage multiple strong passwords on the Internet.
– Read: How To Customize Strong Passwords For Each Website