09 Aug

Facebook Lets Expectant Parents Add Unborn Children to Friends & Family


Facebook has added a amazing feature for Expectant parents where they can announce the happiest news of the new baby coming to their family to their Facebook friends and family via a brand new Facebook family member status option.

With more than 850 million users, now you would be able to reveal and share your happiness with your friends & family by updating section “Expected: Child.” Parents can also choose to add a photo, the name of the unborn child & a due date.

Facebook expectant parents

Facebook expectant parents

Once added, the unborn child will be listed along side family members section on the user’s profile, & a notification is also posted on the user’s Facebook wall.

Facebook suggests that the new option is meant for those expectant parents who would otherwise create profiles for their unborn child & break Facebook’s TOS.

“We are always testing and working on new features to enhance the overall user experience.,” a Facebook spokesperson tells Mashable.