18 Aug

Find out secret Facebook List of friends you’ve been stalking


Friday: 12.5.2008

Have you ever wondered how Facebook orders your search results? Clearly they have some ordering about who they think you are looking for, and they seem to guess pretty well. I can only guess, but it seems like they order it based on who you interact with, whose profile you look at and who you have recently become friends with.

Now Install a little bookmarklet in your browser, and soon you’ll be presented with a list of people you search for most often on Facebook. The list of friends you will find out could be a bit embarrassing.

facebook magic

Note: This is really interesting, but may be embarrassing to you.

How to Install this Bookmarklet:

Go to TheKeesh, drag the image provided on that site to your bookmarks bar, go to Facebook, and click on the bookmark you’ve installed.

It’s perfectly safe, and it’s also very easy to install [Note: This feature will not work if you’re using Facebook with “https”.]

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