02 May

Find Out Who is Talking About Any Topic On Social Media Sites


Social media has become one of the biggest obsession for this generation. It has become an important part of our every day lives now. It is also a great way for businesses to engage with their customers and expand their audience reach.
If you want to maximize the benefits from Social Media, you need to find out who is talking about your business, website or brand.
So, today I’ll discuss three tools to find out Who is Talking About Any Topic On Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Google+, Digg, Twitter, Blogs, and many others.
You can also use these tools to find out who is talking about your competitors, research trends related to your niche and discover who is sharing your content.

social media talking

1) WhoTalking

WhoTalking.com is a great Real Time Social Media Topic Search Engine, where you can find who is talking about any topic and how it is being talked on all major social media websites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Picassa, Flickr, and BordReader.

2) Social Mention

Social Mention is another great real time social media search & analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from more than 100 social media properties including Twitter, Google, Facebook, Friend Feed, Digg, YouTube, etc. into a single stream of information

3) WhosTalkin

WhosTalkin.com is also a great real time social media search tool that allows you to search for conversations from multiple social networks. Whether you want to search for your brand, favorite celebrity or favorite team; you can easily search and find out who is talking about them all over the web.

4) Topsy

Real time search engine for the social web which searches all the data from Twitter and Google Plus.

All the tools explained above do pretty much the same thing except Social Mention which also shows analysis around conversations and if you want to search Twitter only, then Topsy is the best search engine.
Have you tried any of these tools?
Share your thoughts in comments.