24 May

How To Get/Increase Followers on Twitter

increase or gain twitter followers fast free


Twitter is a great and powerful tool for promoting your work and business online. But to maximize the benefits of Twitter, it is crucial to gain more followers on the website. The more number of people following you, the more chances are there that people will notice what you’re doing and will be interested in your business.
But gaining followers on Twitter is not an easy task. You need to invest your time and efforts to increase your following.

increase or gain twitter followers fast free

Check out Three Ways To Get/Increase Followers on Twitter Fast Using Free & Paid Services:

1) Follow People With Same Interests

The best way to gain real followers is to follow people with similar interests. You can use directories like Twellow or Wefollow where it is very easy to search for people with similar interests. You can also use Twitter Search to find targeted followers. Usually what I have noticed, you will get 10-40 follow back out of every 100 people you follow. But it all depends on your Tweets. If you give interesting stuff, people will follow you. And you can always unfollow people who do not follow you back.

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2) Fiverr

Nobody likes to follow people with less followers. Read this Golden Rule of Twitter. If a person has more followers than they are following, then people might consider to follow you.
Fiverr is a great freelancer website where people do things for only $5. You can easily buy Gigs such as “I will add 3000+ High Quality Twitter Followers to your Twitter account to increase your followers count for $5”. But remember 99% of the time, these followers are fake accounts which looks real. But these gigs can really help to gain more followers. When people will see 2000-3000 followers in your Twitter account with some pretty interesting tweets, they would like to follow you.

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3) Twiends

Twiends is a free service where you can add your profile & tag it with interests. This is a credit based system where you get credits each time you follow people, or refer others or blog about the service. You can easily get lot of followers for free on Twiends.

What methods do you use to increase Twitter followers?
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