06 May

Google India to Conduct a Clinic for Indian Websites

google site clinic


The Search Quality Team at Google India has announced that it will conduct a clinic for Indian websites. The decision has been taken after Matt Cutts from the Webspam Team visited India in January this year.

google site clinic

The team will analyze the sites that are submitted to the clinic and will offer constructive advice on improvements that can be made for better visibility of your site in Google’s organic search results.

The Site clinic has gone live on May 4, 2012 and will accept the submissions till May 14, 2012.

How To Submit Your Website

– To register your website for site clinic, fill the information in this form.
– To participate in the Site Clinic, your website must be registered with the Google Webmaster Tools and it should meet all quality guidelines.

Note: By submitting your website to the Site Clinic, you agree to the use of your site as an example in the future Google blog posts under the Site Clinic banner.

The team also said that they will be taking limited number of websites for complete analysis. Among these, a few representative ones could also be chosen as example to share best practices in the follow-up Google blog posts.

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Source: Google India Blog