07 Dec

Google Kills Free Version of Apps for Businesses

Google Apps

Google has killed off the free version of its useful apps for businesses. Google Apps offers Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, in-browser word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics app.

Google Apps

Google Apps

Earlier, there were two versions of Google Apps – free and premium. The free version allowed you to use Google Apps for up to 10 users. But now there will be only one version – Premium. Businesses with 10 or fewer people will now have to pay $5 per user per month or $50 per user per year.

Though the change will not effect the existing users and they can continue using free services for up to 10 users.

How to Use Google Apps for free for new domains

If you already have an existing Google Apps account under any of your domains, you can still use Google Apps for free even for new domains. All you have to do is to add another domain to that account. The setting is located under Domain settings in your Google Apps account.
Or if you are a new user, check out this simple workaround. All you need is a free Gmail or Google account.

Office 365, the main competitor of Google’s Apps market, also offers only paid plans currently. Both companies offer free trials.

So, what do you think of this move by Google? Would it hurt small businesses and bloggers?