27 Apr

How To Add Google Custom Search To Your Website

Google custom Search engine


Google Custom Search Engine is the best option to create a customized search experience for your website. Though all the WordPress themes provide a default search engine box but why not have the most powerful search engine technology powering your search on your website?

Google custom Search engine

Here are some reasons why you should use Google Custom Search Engine:

– You can make money using your Adsense ads in search.
– Powered by Google Powerful Search Engine Technology.
– Include one or more websites, or specific webpages in Search results.
– Customize the look & feel of the search results to match your site.
– You can set up Google Analytics with your search engine to see what users are searching on your site.

Step by Step Guide To Set Up Google Custom Search To Your Website:

1) Go to Google Custom Search.

create Google Custom Search  Engine

2) Click on “Create a Custom Search Engine”


3) Fill all the details for your Search Engine. The first one is Name of your search engine. You can choose any name and description for your search engine. It will not affect any results. But while choosing sites to search, you need to find out the right URL formatting. If you want your search engine to search the entire website including sub-domains, choose this formatting Р*.youngblah.com/*. You can include as many websites you want to include. And click on Next.

style of custom search engine

4) In this step, Choose and Customize a Style for Your Search Engine. You can change more advanced settings in the next step. So, Click on Next.

custom search engine

5) Now your code is ready. To change more advance settings such as Look and Feel, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc. – Click on any of the options given below the code as shown in the picture above.

6) Get the Code with changed Advanced settings.

7) Paste the code anywhere in your website where you want Search Engine to appear.

Have you tried Google Custom Search on your website?
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