12 Mar

How To Customize Strong Passwords For Each Website

how to choose strong passwords

how to choose strong passwords

Choosing more secure passwords is very important to keep your identity safe on the internet. Choosing different password for different websites is also very important
Here are some tips from security experts at Mozilla to help you choose strong, and easy-to-remember passwords.

Step 1: Choose a phrase

Start by picking up a phrase that is easy to remember such as “A Stitch in time saves nine.”

Change nos and words that sound like numbers to numerals such 9 for ‘nine’ or 4 for ‘for’.
If we use the first letter of each word, and substitute 9 for “nine”, we get:


Step 2: Add special characters

Add some special characters to make this password more strong:


Step 3: Associate it with a website

Now you can use your new password on different sites by adding a prefix or suffix with a mnemonic link to a particular website.

For Example;

#Asits9:AmZ for Amazon
fac#Asits9: for Facebook
#Asits9:YtB for YouTube
dRm#Asits9: for Drumbeat

This technique works great as you can set easily remembered different passwords for different websites. 8)
Now think of a phrase you can remember and start customizing secure passwords for each website you visit.