25 Feb

How To Find Most Popular Videos On Youtube

Youtube Trends Dashboard

youtube trends

Youtube Trends Dashboard is a great tool that will help to find the most popular videos on Youtube. The search can be categorized according to a particular location (country-wise) and certain age group.
You can also see “Most Shared’ videos and “Most Viewed” Videos.
You can also follow the Youtube Trends Blog here.

Youtube Charts

youtube charts

YouTube Charts shows the most viewed YouTube videos by categories. You can also check out the ‘Most viewed’ videos on a particular day, last week, last month or All Time.

Youtube Videos

You can also discover what’s trending on YouTube yourself by browsing youtube.com/videos for the most popular videos on the Youtube (narrow it down by date or category). Here you can also discover what’s recommended for you based on your past preferences.

What is the best way to find videos on a specific topic?

Just enter your search term into the search box at the top of any page on YouTube.
On the results page, click on the “Search Options” to further filter your search results:
youtube search options

Youtube Leanback

youtube leanback

Youtube Leanback is a great tool to watch videos according to your tastes without clicking a button so that you can lean back and enjoy the moment.

Youtube Disco

youtube disco

Youtube Disco is another great tool to provide you an endless playlist if all the music you love.Just enter the name of your favorite artist or band and click “Disco’ Button.