07 Aug

How To Find Out High PR DoFollow CummentLuv Blogs

SEOQuake Toolbar

Are you looking for High PR CummentLuv Dofollow blogs where you can comment and easily get a backlink to your website. Though you can find many such lists all over the web but most of the time, these lists are outdated and doesn’t work for you. But now there is an amazing extension which allows you to find out DoFollow blogs easily while surfing the internet.

SEOQuake Toolbar


SEO Quake

SEOquake is a great SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera which shows you PageRank, Alexa Rank and various other SEO parameters such as NoFollow Links on a website, Google Link index, SEMRush Rank, Keyword density, WHois, etc. of a page.

Check out How This Toolbar Shows you various information of a page in the pictures below:

SEOQuake Nofollow Links

Nofollow Links

Keyword Density Analysis by SEOQuake

Keyword Density Analysis by SEOQuake

SEOQuake Page Info

Page Information by SEOQuake


This extension also works in SERP(Google Search results), which means it shows you details about a website below every search result as shown in the picture below.


Apart from that, this extension shows you the complete diagnosis of a page such as Home Page analysis and website analysis.

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DoFollow Backlinks are crucial for your blog to increase the PageRank and get higher ranking in search results. SEOQuake Toolbar will help you find DoFollow Websites while surfing the world wide web so that you can easily get High PR DoFollow backlinks to your website.



  • Nice method actually ! Thanks.

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    thanks for sharing

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  • الجزائر

    Thanks for a great list! I’ve made a spreadsheet of all the good blogs
    that I’ve come across, particularly those with high PR or Commentluv.
    This added quite a few to that list.

  • I use SEOQuake toolbar on all my browser, chrome and FF. And yes, it’s very useful and powerful

  • Really useful links, I’ve just started to use SEOquake and I’m just starting to discover the benefits. Thanks

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  • Viralbae Digital Marketing LLP

    Great article. I’ve got to be honest – I’ve always focussed more heavily on links than on content score. But I think its time to re-think that to take things to the next level.