18 Jul

How to Leverage Twitter to promote your business


promote business on twitter

With around 200 million users, Twitter is becoming another favorite destination to promote your business apart from Facebook.

Twitter is a website offering social networking & micro blogging services enabling its users to send & receive messages called tweets up to 140 characters each.

Getting Started with Twitter

The first step is to create a Twitter account by visiting Twitter.com. Use an account name which is your company name and keep it short. If that name is not available, use a similar name on the same lines with the company name.

Update the following information:

Bio– Write a small bio which represents your company in the best possible way. Also write the company address and phone numbers in it.

Profile Image– It is always advisable to use the company logo as your profile image. You can also use big wallpaper as background image showing company’s products or tells more about what company does.

How to Get Following on Twitter:

1) Integrate the Twitter account with your website, blog and your business card.

2) Import contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc and follow them.

3) Follow people with similar interest related to your business by searching for a keyword. Getting the followers is not the end of the story. Keep in touch with them by posting valuable content on your account. The content should be informative and interesting. E.g. If your company manufactures sunscreen lotion, you can tweet about tips to keep skin healthy and young.

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4) Post humor and non business tweets too.

5) Offer free stuff.

6) Get celebrities to tweet for your company. Visit www.sponsoredtweets.com

7) Follow everyone who follows you.

8 ) Thank you new followers by re-tweeting about them.

9) Manage your following- Un-follow those who haven’t followed you back in a week.

10) Applications: Make the best use out of different apps available for twitter.

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What to Do:

1) Post non business content too: It’s all about engaging users. Apart from promoting your business, tweet about breaking news, funny tweets, etc.

2) Tweet about other people stuff.

3) Re-tweet valuable content

4) Use Hashtags to connect with people having similar interests. Hashtags can be used to find Trending Topics on twitter. You can also create interest asking users to post tweets with a particular hashtag.

What Not to Do:

1) Do not spam with many tweets.

2) Do not post only your blog/website links. Share informative links of different websites.

3) Do not post what you are doing in office. It is big turn off for followers. Nobody wants to know that whether you had your lunch or not.

4) Do not post too much information. Be limited in your tweets. Quality matters here not quantity.

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulert