28 Jan

How To Merge Duplicate Pages on Facebook [ Guide ]

Do you know you can merge two Facebook pages into one?
Yes, All the posts and fans of the both the pages can be merged into one page.

It is a great tool offered by Facebook now if your official Facebook Fan Page is not getting all the fans it deserves but users are accidentally liking unofficial duplicate versions of your Page.

Steps to Follow to Merge Duplicate Pages:

1) Go to your page & click “Edit Page” on the top right corner of the page.
2) Click on “Resources” tab and select “Merge Duplicate Pages”. It will show a list of identical pages eligible to be merged into your page.
[ Note: Duplicate Pages must be under your control, else you will not see “Merge Duplicate Pages” tab. ]

In case you are not the admin of your duplicate page, you have the following options to follow:

1) Request the admin of the unofficial page to transfer the ownership.
2) Report the unofficial pages as “Duplicate”. [ Visit the page and scroll down to the bottom left to report pages].

Recently, Melbourne Australia merged two of its pages.