08 May

How To Predict Future PageRank



PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Search Engine Giant Google, that assigns a numerical weighting to each webpage on the Internet, with the basic purpose of “calculating” its relative importance.
The higher the no. of quality backlinks to a webpage, the higher its PageRank, & the higher its rankings in Google’s search results. So, it is crucial to get higher PageRank for your website.


Google PageRank(PR) is updated every 2-3 months and the most recent update was on May 3, 2012. But if you want to predict your future PageRank, there is a  great tool available for that.

PageRank Predictor

PageRank Predictor finds out your site’s future PageRank based on the quality & quantity of backlinks. According to the information on the website, this tool predicts the real PageRank, not the Google Pagerank. Google never shows the real PR. It could be because your website is young or may be you are selling or exchanging links. You may also be violating some google rules without knowing about existence of these norms. Thus, generally, Real PageRank is higher than current pagerank on your google toolbar.
This Pagerank prediction tool shows Real PR without any Google’s reducing factors.

Note: This tool will just provide an estimation of the future Google PR & should not be considered exact because Google’s real algorithm to calculate PageRank is way too complex to understand.