12 Apr

How To Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline


Facebook Timeline is one of the biggest changes to Facebook profiles since its inception. Many users like it, many users hate it. So, if you are among the haters of Timeline profiles – here’s the solution for you.

Exoot Systems has released an Google Chrome plugin that removes timeline for profiles. It changes your profile back to the old layout.

Facebook timeline

How does it works?

Facebook is sending HTML code to your computer & your computer translates the code in your browser. This Plugin intercepts the code & reassembles it in old design. Therefore, you see your old profile again and you would also see old profiles of your friends.

But the changes will take place only on your computer. If you want your friends to see your old Facebook profile, they too need to install Facebook Timeline Remover.

And It will affect only personal profiles, not fan pages! [ Update: It is working on fan pages too. ]

How To Download “Facebook Timeline Remover Plugin”

– Go to Exoot Systems website here.
– Follow the Instructions.
– And your Timeline is gone.

The plugin is only available for Google Chrome at the moment and you can remove the plugin from your browser anytime you want. To enable or disable Facebook Timeline Remover Plugin – click on the coner top right icon, so you can always switch back & forth.