01 Mar

How To Use Facebook Timeline For Brand Pages [ Complete Guide ]

facebook timeline pages today show

Facebook finally launched the Timeline Pages for Brands on the Morning News Show, “Today” and the first timeline launched was of “Today Show”.
The Timeline for Pages is optional at the moment and will be upgraded to all the pages automatically on March 30, 2012.
Till then, you can use the Timeline Preview Manager to preview your pages and publish it when you are ready.

Here’s a complete guide on How to make the best out of Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages:

Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first thing now that people will see when they visit your Page and it can have a lot of impact. The size of cover photo can be up to 850 pixels by 315 pixels.
Facebook Timeline for pages has removed the ability to create a default landing welcome tab
So, the new welcome tab is Cover Photo.
So, carefully choose a unique visually amazing photo which represents your business and try to change it often.
Facebook’s Product Director of Ads Gokul Rajaram says,” Covers should not include features such as “Like this Page”, purchase or discount info such as “40% off” or “Download this at our website”, or contact info” as these factors are big turnoff.”

Profile Picture

Profile Picture represents your Page on other parts of Facebook, like in news feed.
Use your logo or another image that represents your Page.
You should choose an image that is square & at least 180 pixels wide.
The best part of profile picture is that you can make it look amazing by combining it creatively with Cover photo.
On the side of profile picture, it shows two stats: your total Likes & the number of “people talking about this”.
Below, About section shows a description for brands & contact information for local businesses.

Photos, Likes and Apps

facebook timeline pages

Photos, likes and Apps will be shown at the top of your Page below the cover photo.
In the default setting, photos will be shown in the first spot, but you can change the order of everything else so people can see what matters most.
A maximum of 12 apps such as contests, games, promotions,etc. can be shown.
Apart from the four apps, rest of the apps now are hidden under a drop down menu and thus, likely to receive less engagement.

Highlight What’s Important

facebook timeline pages 3

To Highlight a post, hover over a story and click on the star icon to make it wider and highligh it, or on the pencil icon to pin it to the top of your Page(yes , you can pin most important stories to the top of your page for up to 7 days), re-position photos, change date, hide or delete it entirely.
Now you can also control who can post on Timeline or can add tags of your Business Page.

facebook timeline pages

Manage everything in one place – Admin Panel

facebook timeline pages

Now keep track of all the activity on your Page from the admin panel.
Respond when people write on your Page timeline, & view your latest insights.
Visit your activity log to review all your posts & activity from one place.


One of the best feature of Timeline Pages is Messages.
It allow users to send direct, private messages to your Page.
Now users can directly and privately discuss issues with your company.
This can be great service channel in the future.
Notifications about new messages will appear right in your admin panel.

Change Your Fan Page Name

Now you can request to change your fan page name.
Click on this link and apply for a name change.
It is a great news for brands who were stuck with the misspelled or inaccurate fan page name.

Lastly, like the Timeline profile, you can also back-date your content.
Check out few amazing Timeline of Brand Pages:
Today Show
Coca Cola
The New York Times

Update: Facebook also confirms the launch of Page insights data available to brands in real time. The change will take place in the next few weeks.
The analytic data includes impressions, reach, people talking about this, negative feedback, & user demographics.

Enjoy Timeline. 8)