23 Feb

Microsoft launches Bing Linked Pages

bing linked pages

bing linked pages

Do you want your Facebook friends to find the pages that are really about you when they search on Bing.

Microsoft has added a new feature to their search engine, Bing, called Linked Pages.

How It Works:

1) Go to www.bing.com/linkedpages, & click Get started. Log into Facebook & give Bing permission to post to Facebook.

2) Click “Link To Me” below any result that you want your friends from Facebook to know relates to you.

Now, when your Facebook friends search for you on Bing, your Facebook profile & the pages you have linked to are shown higher in Bing results than those for people with the same name.

As Bing explains, there are probably many “John Smith’s” out there, but when John Smith’s friends are looking for him, now they would be easily find their friend John & information about him.

The service is not yet available for people living outside the U.S.