31 Jul

New Gmail Apps to make your life easy


Google is that company which has come a long way since its inception. From being a search engine to being a part of almost every activity online, Google is leaving no stone unturned to stay the market leader.
Recently, Google has launched some exciting features in Gmail and in other of their services.

New look for Gmail and Google Calendar

Google launched this look recently which is quite refreshing and the new interface is implemented to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products.

gmail apps

And in the Conversation View:


Now you can pick your favorite inbox style

Now you can also choose your favorite inbox style apart from the Gmail new look.


Make Multiple calls in Gmail

After adding the facility of making calls free of cost or at a reasonable cost from the Gmail bworser window, now you can also make multiple calls while keeping one call on hold.

gmail apps

Phishing detection

Gmail has also started keeping you safer by displaying more information about the origin of certain messages. Email coming from senders who aren’t in your contact list will display the sender’s full email address. We’ll also show you when messages come from an email-sending service (like a news site’s article sharing system) and display a warning when it looks like the sender may have spoofed a Gmail address.

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View ZIP and RAR contents from Gmail attachments
Now you can view all the ZIP or RAR contents from the Gmail itself. You don’t need to download the attachments first to view the contents.

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Read receipts for Business houses

Companies who are using Gmail for internal communication, now can get to know whether a important Email has been opened or not by activating receipts from control panel. Administrators can control which users can request or return read receipts, and whether receipts are issued automatically or manually by recipients.

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