21 Feb

New Optimization Tips For AdSense To Earn More



Google in their blog today announced a new kind of optimization tips that it will be rolling out for AdSense users in the coming weeks. They will show you how to make changes to your Adsense for Content ad-unit type and format setting directly in your adsense account in order to earn more.

To generate these new types of notifications, we use our technology to simulate the ad auction for a specific ad unit using different ad type & format settings,” explains AdSense engineer Gregory Block.
“If our simulation shows that any of these changed settings consistently result in higher revenue for that ad unit, we will show a recommendation in your account. Please note that these simulations won’t affect your live traffic and earnings, & you will only see a recommendation if our simulated auction demonstrated increased revenue for your account.”

Publishers will see the recommendations on the “Home” tab in their accounts. The “Do this now” button can be clicked to quickly implement the suggestions.


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