09 Jun

Niki PowerCase For iPhone 4S / 4 – Review

Niki PowerCase is one amazing case for the iPhone 4/4S with a built-in 1700mAh battery, which effectively doubles the battery life of your device.

Niki PowerCase

Recently, I’ve received the NiKi Powercase from www.mobilefun.com, a great online store to purchase mobile phone accessories. The order was delivered within 7 days and I am loving my extra battery on my Apple iPhone 4.

NiKi PowerCase

Niki PowerCase provides dual functionality that acts as an iPhone case as well as provides battery backup in case of emergency when you don’t have any charger with you.

Check out some of the features of Niki PowerCase:

1) It is designed for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

2) It comes with a built-in 1,700 mAh Battery, more than Apple iPhone 4’s inbuilt 1420 mAh battery.

3) It doubles your iPhone Battery life. The biggest issue with the smartphones these days (for power users like me), is that the battery doesn’t last the whole day as I am constantly checking my Email, Facebook, Games, etc. But now with the help of NiKi PowerCase, you can charge your iPhone on the go.

NiKi PowerCase

4) Easily chargeable with USB cable. Niki PowerCase also features a battery level checker which gives you an instant idea of how much battery is left.

So, Niki PowerCase is an amazing external battery iPhone case that provides extra battery backup for every time you go outside. You can check out more such iPhone cases here. And not just extra battery life, it also adds extra layer of protection to your Apple iPhone device. Do check out this product.