21 Aug

Normalize For iOS – Remove Instagram Filters From Your Photos

Normalize - Remove Instagram Filter From Your Photos

Tired of using apps that lets you apply different filters on your photos? Want to check out what your friends’ pictures looked like before all those Instagram filters were applied?
Well, there is a great application for that.

Normalize is the fast and amazing way to bring new life to your dull photos! Whether filtered by Instagram or any another filter app or you have shot it too dark, Normalize turns a photo back into what it is supposed to look like.
This application uses various image-improving techniques to make colors in your photos more vibrant and detail stand out like never before.

Normalize - Remove Instagram Filter From Your Photos

You can improve all kinds of photos with this cool app – whether a photo is dark, yellow, or already have filters applied to it.

– Paste images directly into the app.
– Instantly Check output photo without having to save it or upload it anywhere.
– Save photos to library.

Normalize is available for $0.99 in the iTunes Store and works on both iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.0 or later.