13 Aug

Now, Facebook will help you quit smoking


Nicorette- the leading provider of smoking cessation products, will launch a Facebook Application to help smokers quit the smoking. The application will aim at 120 million Indian smokers (Data as per Global Adult Tobacco Survey,2009] to help them quit smoking while surfing on the biggest social networking website.

facebook to help quit smoking

The application ‘NicoretteĀ® Support will be launched on Independence day to help people to get independence from smoking.

With the launch of the application, the time spent by the users on facebook can actually be used for their own good.
The personalized approach Nicorette application will consider the factors like each individual’s quit timeline, reasons for quitting, smoking triggers & craving patterns. This information enables the application to perform the role of a supportive friend who understands the quitter’s needs and supports him accordingly.

The application will also help quitters to find a ‘quit buddy’ with a similar quit date or has kicked the butt around the same time to share experiences with. By considering the moments of temptation when the craving is at its peak, quitters will be able to track their temptation cycle, compare the where, how, when and use Facebook to make the whole process much more achievable, realistic and goal oriented.

Nicorette is the global leader for the treatment of tobacco dependence. Nicorette was the first medicinal preparation to facilitate smoking cessation. It was launched in India in Dec. 2010 by Johnson and Johnson Ltd. The company manufactures variety of products to help smokers to quit smoking.

It’s a great initiative by the company to use the power of social media for such a societal cause.