03 Mar

Upgrade Your PlayStation With 3M Vinyl

There are plenty of reasons why the PS4 is the undisputed best-selling gaming system in the entire world. Game design, compatibility, and user interface are only a few, but one factor that has absolutely no impact on its sales figures is its external design. Nobody bought their PS4 because of how great it looks in their living room. It might be the best console currently on the market, but it doesn’t cut a handsome figure on your coffee table or TV stand.


It does make sense. After all, the game designers at Sony wanted to concentrate their efforts on creating the best operating system possible, not the most physically appealing one. But that doesn’t mean just because these designers don’t care about how it looks, you shouldn’t either.

Let’s face it—the console is an extension of your soul. It’s an important part of your life and home. You play it when you come home from work and when you spend a weekend in with your friends. You’ve spent countless of hours customizing your gamer tag and profile; hours following all of the side quests in Skyrim; hours perfecting your score on each campaign in Halo. You should be able to have a console as personalized as your own gaming experience.

You may not be a fancy Sony executive but you still have the power to change the look of your PS4. All you have to do is add a customized skin to your machine. Unlike cases that are made from hard, clunky plastics, a PS4 skin moulds beautifully to the curves and corners of your system. Acting very similar to decals that you see on personalized cars, it offers up superior coverage than any other alternative, without the threat of interfering with delicate fans or intricate toggles. That’s because they’re cut with precision to afford a form-hugging fit that acts—well—like a second skin!

The best skins come in a variety colors and textures that you can mix and match until you arrive at a combination that’s totally ‘you’. You can outfit your PS4 with leather, metallic, wood, or carbon fiber—or all of them. A full skin is composed of four separate pieces covering the console itself and eight covering the DualShock. That means you can choose a different color or texture for each of them, combining until you’ve arrived at an awesome color scheme. Make it so that it matches your décor, your personality, or your favorite character—it’s up to you!

PlayStation 4 controller decals from dbrand come with the added bonus of protection. Whichever design you choose comes with the guarantee that it will save your system from scuffs, scratches, and gouges that sharp objects and rough handling can cause. And because it’s vinyl, a spilled drink during an intense campaign doesn’t have the same consequences as it usually does. Liquid beads against the skin until you’re ready to wipe it off.

Imagine inviting your friends over for a game night and showing off a customized console that stands up to a spilled soft drink. It won’t be too long before you’re directing your friends on where to find their own PS4 skin to protect and personalize their console. But first, you have to get your own. So start searching out what design you want for yours and get one today!



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