08 Oct

How To Develop Social Media Strategy (Infographic)


Now that you’ve taken the first step to include Social Media in your marketing efforts, it’s time to make the best use of it by having a Social Media Strategy into place.
If you are taking your business on Social Media without an end goal in mind, it is most likely to fail and you’ll end up saying “Social Media is not working for us”.

Social Media strategy is as important as any other business strategy.

This Infographic from Number 8 Communications & BigThunk explains 4 steps to a Social Media Strategy.

1. Define your goals – What are you trying to accomplish with your Social Media efforts? Whether you’re looking for brand exposure or lead generation or just customer service through Social Media.
2. Define your metrics – How you’re going to measure the success of your strategy? More Facebook fans or more revenue. What will be your performance metrics.
3. Decide on tactics – How you are going to accomplish your goals?
4. Execute your strategy – Measure & Refine.


4 Steps To A Social Media Strategy