04 Oct

Sticky: Take Notes Within Gmail Chat


As a blogger, you always need something to capture and write down your thoughts and ideas that keeps coming through out the day. Sticky is a new web app that helps you to capture your thoughts when they happen right into your Gmail chat. I’ve tried many applications to write down the notes but the best thing I liked about Sticky is that it allows you to take notes from GChat(where I’m always online).


How It Works

1) Go to Sticky.io.
2) Sign in with your Google Account.
3) Give permission access to Sticky.
4) Sticky will send you a friend request on your GChat.
5) Start taking notes by chatting with Sticky.
6) Use tags, notebooks, etc. to better organize your ideas and concepts.
7) You can access all your notes by visiting Sticky.io anytime.

Take notes online with Sticky

Overall, Sticky is a useful application with amazing UI that simplify the experience of taking notes. If you’re on Gmail constantly and need a good application to take notes, do try Sticky.