24 Mar

Story Wheel – Tell The Story Behind Your Instagram Pictures

story wheel


Pictures speak louder than words.
Story Wheel is a new web app that lets you record a voice story around your Instagram pictures and share it on the web as a Nostalgic Slideshow. It was started by Johannes Wagener and Katharina Birkenbach during the Music Hack Day Boston in 2011 and is now part of the SoundCloud Labs.
The web app is using Instagram to serve the pictures and SoundCloud to record & playback the stories.

story wheel

The process of creating stories is pretty simple. Just connect it with your Instagram account and arrange your pictures in the order of your choice. And then just record the voice story behind those pictures to create your Story Wheel.

It’s a pretty cool idea. I saw some of the stories and they were quite interesting. Though the website needs some improvement in terms of functionality, design and user experience.
But I’d highly recommend everyone to give it a try especially if you’re an avid Instagram user.