24 Jul

Performance of Advertising on Google ( Infographic )

google ads

Have you ever noticed the sponsored results in Google search results that have been taking over most of the Google search results page. Wordstream has created an Infographic which is full of interesting data on Google’s PPC, clicks and on the performance of Google Ads in Search results.

Clicks on paid search results outdo organic clicks by almost a 2:1 margin for keywords with high commercial intent in the United States.

Though organic searches still get more clicks than paid results overall but not for High commercial intent keywords. Keyword searches with high commercial intent means keywords in which a Google searcher is looking to purchase a product or service (for ex.: “buy web hosting”).

advertising on google

31 Jul

Google Adwords Express launched by Google


google adwords

Last week, Google launched the Adwords Express officially. It is a simple and faster way by which you can start advertising online in under 5 minutes. It was earlier launched as google Boost in last October for a small number of local businesses. Since then, Google is continuously improving the solution to help all local businesses to reach out to the customers with ease.

Check out this video launched by google:

How It Works:
When people search for your area or services you provide, for instance, “hiking gear in hanover” ; it will show your business ad with a blue pin on Google Maps which helps you to reach potential customers.
google adwords

And you pay to the Google only when a customer clicks your Ad.

Learn More about it here.